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Welcome to Tropicana Aegean and the Island of Toridos. With its olive groves and nature, natural landscape and beach, this region has everything that you need for a good home. This is one of our most popular residential areas. Featuring quality housing, open seas, and a beautiful central park area, there is also a private club available for hire for those special occasions. Just click the rental box and hire a club for your event.

The region is connected by road to two other regions. You can take a vehicle or rezz your own drive around Tropicana.

With a twist of Turkish Delight, this peaceful residential area has a mosque, an abandoned railway line with carriages at the border post to Tropicana Safari. If you are unable to find a home here then check out our website for the details of other properties or visit our Estate Office in Tropicana Sunseekers:

If you prefer to visit the Estate Office in world on the OSgrid then click on the link below:


Features: Residential, homes, houses, estate, dune buggy, trains, tram, railway, station, olive groves, beach, parkland, camping, sailing, exploring, Turkish, mosque, park,

The new Railway Station

Toridos Park

Toridos Park

Looks like one of the cows escaped!

The waterfall pool at the new park.

The new park is now complete at Tropicana Aegean. Great place to explore and just chill and relax.

The old tram, a rusty locomotive and and abandoned bus tucked away in a meadow. Its all here at Tropicana Aegean.

With a very diverse group of themed properties our regions have everything from small Tiki huts to large mansions and private islands. Aegean has just been upgraded so it may look quite different from when you saw it last.

Another example of one of our properties at Tropicana Aegean.

Living up in style on Tropicana Aegean. Long term residents get the chance to upgrade to private landscaped islands on our VIP region. See our Estate Office for more details.

There are some very nice properties of all sizes on Tropicana Aegean.

The old abandoned railway has now been opened and a rail line takes us out towards the station of Toridos. Currently static and work in progress but its coming along well.

The park has been updated since this pic was taken but part of the old park still exists and we are sure that you will love the new scenic detailed oasis of tranquility.

Visit the old mosque by the park. Something the Ottomans left behind on the Island of Toridos. Serene and peaceful why not take a walk around the new park.

Beautiful landscape awaits you on the Island of Toridos at Tropicana Aegean.

Camping area and main road in and out of Tropicana Aegean. Pitch your tent and picnic by the beach. Drive your vehicle along the roads or sail you boat.

Abandoned Railway depot at Tropicana Aegean

The nature park at Tropicana Aegean

Campers at Tropicana Aegean

Tropicana Aegean beach area and parkland. Olive Trees and nature.

Tropicana Aegean has a selection of holiday villas. This is a popular residential area for long term residents.

The old abandoned bus at Tropicana Aegean

Tram and railway at Tropicana Aegean

The Park at Tropicana Aegean.

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