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Arabellos Veil

Arabellos Veil
Alternate Metaverse
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Derrybeg Arabello
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1 month ago
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Arabellos Veil has many places to explore. A small town with shops, the Gypsy camp has horses you can borrow to ride through the lush forests and rocky beaches. A Place of Stones has several sacred areas to experience, a Dark Castle, Witch's Woods, and more to come.

O'Malley's pub, a place to hang out, enjoy a pint, and view the art of traditional Irish music and it's instruments.

Enjoy the journey to the Cliffs and Ruins of Beyond the Veil

photo courtesy of Sofee Supermarine

A Place of Stones, Pilgrimage Mountain, Druids Grove, Pipers Stones, and more.....

Come and explore a few of the sacred sites of Ireland as seen and re-created by Derrybeg Arabello

photo courtesy of Sofee Supermarine
Selkie's Landing - a small, unique shopping and hang-out experience. A Metaphysical Shoppe, Apothecary, Bookstore, O'Malleys Pub, Corked-a Wine Bar and Uncorked-a Tasting Room. Come and explore and pick up a few things when you do.

photo courtesy of Sofee Supermarine
Grainne's Tomb
The story of Gráinne and Diarmuid is one of a number of instances in Irish mythology of a love triangle between a young man, a young woman and an aging suitor, the other most famous instance being between Naoise, Deirdre and Conchobar mac Nessa in the Ulster Cycle. The same theme also shows up in other cultures, notably in the Arthurian legend. The Pursuit of Diarmuid and Gráinne shares a number of similarities with the story of Tristan and Iseult, and to a certain extent the love affair of Lancelot and Guinevere.

photo courtesy of Sofee Supermarine
Brigids Well and Ruins
Brigid, Goddess or Saint? Before Christianity took its hold in Ireland, there was a Goddess Brigid, she and a group of women kept her perpetual flame burning in the temple. Her temple was burned and destroyed; from the ruins, a monastery was built, and women kept a perpetual flame there dedicated to Saint Brigid.

photo courtesy of Sofee Supermarine

Gypsy Camp - borrow a horse from the gypsy camp and ride through the lush forests and rocky beaches of Arabellos Veil.

photo courtesy of: Sofee Supermarine

A Place of Stones ~ Nature Walk
Where: Arabellos Veil
When: 1 month ago [5 Jul 2022 23:45 SLT]

Opens to the public 7/5/22 ~ Reminiscent of Sacred Ireland (except my version has a lot more trees); including A PLACE OF STONES, PIPERS STONES, PILGRIMAGE MOUNTAIN, BRIGID'S Sacred Well and Ruins, GRAINNE'S TOMB, and DRUIDS GROVE. A place to explore and rest a while.

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NIGHSHADOWS 1 month ago
wonderfull landscaping , totally interesting places lots to see and explore . a fantatastic job
Derrybeg Arabello 1 month ago
thank you...means a lot.