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Tombooga region - Boogaloo Island
Boogaloo Island - Cool house - Electro Dance and Deep house streams. Explorers Island Houses for the passing grid traveller who wants to have fun. The Party ship opens daily.

PLEASE NOTE: Some grids do not allow access to Avitron. All I can suggest is to try a different account because several grids do allow access. UPDATE Osgrid now allows.

Dance on Planet Mars Club at 4:15PM

Put a second club in for variation - Planet Mars Club - Techno, House, Electro, Trance

Copper: wonder why they still post and not knowing what their great shamaldingdong Alexis does to them. Dosent one read and inform before joining a grid?? Does reading hurts or so? *sigh 7 days ago

You gotta love techno and scifi

Streaming some techno in the SCI FI Sun and Moon Club in Tombooga .. chilled out affair if you want to come and shake some pixels

the robot likes it ...

And resting places too .... along with the cool house beats and the waves lapping the shores ..

Lots of paths for the island explorer...

Getting hot in Tombooga !!

Peace at last under the Tombooga night sky ... shared environment set to 24-hour cycle ... guarantees a night that feels like a night...

The cliff jungle sweeps down to a quiet beach, under the moonlight .... all that can be heard is the gentle sound of the waves.... BECAUSE I AINT GOT ANY TROPICAL SOUNDS! Booooooooooo! someone send me some.

Arty .... god I'm bored

Taxi !!! ... I don't think anybody is going to get here if the taxi drivers drive like that ..

Jerralyn Franzic: LOL X^D 1 month ago

Dancing now ... get your hat and coat before you miss it .. dancey house music

Take the strain out of your teleports ... Get there in a Flash! Enhanced teleport speed with the Flash Gordon teleport suit ... Of course, some grids cant get to Tombooga in a flash ... this is what makes the location so up-market exclusive ...sniggers :))

PrinceDark: 1 month ago

When the sun goes down jump on the boogaloo party ship ! Chat at the bar with the barman while you wait for your date to arrive ..

Its all plants and paths ... and peace ...

The island is an explorers island and yes some things to see and find... I offer these little cool houses free, for you to rezz your furniture and kick back and stay as a Tombooga guest on the boogaloo island .... No long stay guests please, no homeless, no junkies, and no dogs. ....... shout me up and I give you rezz rights. Abuse it .. you lose it! THEY ARE FOR OUTSIDE GRID TRAVELERS Avitron, you already have free land. Sorry. Just Scream TOMBOOGA BOOGALOO ... and throw your pants in the air! Don't bring drama, bring a beer and see what happens .. reaches out to grab a beer.
Party ship with dance floor, no country, no blues, no folk , no blaaaa! I play dance music mainly house... best to visit in shared environment setting at night time and see the Boogaloo island lit up at night in sync with shared environment ... throw your hands in the air and scream BOOGALOO!!! ... something like that .. sniggers

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