Bondage Ranch Adult


Glenys Bieler
As far as "your outfit is not supported" - One time I just took off all mesh and wore an ugly system avatar, that worked. Another time I took off one item at a time until it let me in. Turned out the item that it didnt like was my genus head. Once that was removed... I could get in. Once there I had no problem wearing my head again - so that's weird. Obviously that would be a problem for anyone with a suitcase requirement.

Not the end of the world to have an "Emergency HG Outfit" to visit some places though to be honest.

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I haven't been able to get in to the ranch yet but Walter does a LOT of good for all of us with Littlefield and making decent furniture (without poseballs and with decent animations in menus) available.

6.29.22 Tried again today to get in for Meet & Greet. I have friends who want to explore the ranch but can't send them until I know how to get in. Pop up says the outfit I'm wearing is not supported but I have on very little and was able to get in to Littlefield. If someone could help me get in the first time, I can help others get there. Thanks

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