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The City Welcome
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Welcome to The City , Sex City Shopping Mall , The City Shopping Mall , The Airport Shopping Mall , The Boat shopping mall , and home of #WHATEVER and All-star kid Shop . This is the welcome area and Teleport to all the City Regions , GLBTQ friendly , Gay Owned and operated since February 2020. Everyone is welcome to shop , Kid friendly , kid owned.

The Sex City Shopping Mall houses all Sex Scripted Furniture , Fedish Clothing , Open Collars and Sim Furnishings.

The # Whatever shop , and Allstar Kids shop , Have all the needs for a child , baby , toddler avatar , clothing and Accessories and the Whatever store has buildings / homes , roads trees sim resources to build your sim , pet store with animals , ani mesh , Dj and Disco Club accessories , Wedding accessories , party Supply's , medieval , steampunk , cars , trucks , costumes , pride shop , games , so Come get your shop on ! . and make love not war .

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Glenys Bieler Really sorry but... just like the previous iteration of this.... "Cannot verify identity". I've tried from my own grid - and from my osgrid avatar.... just can't get there which is a shame. Update: Just in case this was a Firestorm issue, I've just tried Singularity... same result. Looking at the...
Izak Krimmer Why dont you answer? People cant enter and they keep trying to tell you that, but you dont seem to bother??? Why do u even add the regions here if you dont make sure people can land on them?
CryBabyBunny "Cannot verify identity" WHY ??? WHY ??? I've tried from different Grid Accounts!! always the same !! One of the Best Malls dont want we go there any more ?? WHAT A SHAME !!!!!