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Urban city for housing and RP. Neighborhoods, commerce, supermarkets, parties, restaurant, shopping. City . Shoes, dresses, musical instruments, dances, animations, sex shop, abundant take copy, Romantic, 24-hour stream, Urban RP. Mafia, Bikers, gangs, gypsies, citizens, police, SWAT, investigation, Radio, journalism. Party, Live concert, events. Brazilian music. Cidade

June celebration. Live Concert.
Where: WuudsVille
When: 12 days ago [24 Jun 2022 05:00 SLT]

The biggest party in the Brazilian northeast. The second biggest party in Brazil. Meet our culture, our happy people, come and enjoy our music sung live by a talented singer. Welcome to Land of the Aviator. in Avitron. About the feast of São João. Celebrated this Friday (24), São João day, marks the apex of June festivities in Brazil. A tradition that began with the Portuguese colonization and increased with Brazilian cultural traits throughout history, the date is the birthday of the Catholic martyr.

Of exclusively religious origin, the Festa Junina, popularly called São João, gained traces of local culture, such as regional cuisine, and formed a new tradition with strong traces of the northeast.

Many of the June aspects as we know them today did not come with the colonizers.

The celebration in Brazilian national territory took on several other meanings in addition to the religious ones, many traits of the local culture were incorporated, resignifying the function of each saint and the festivities devoted to each of them, such as bonfires, gangs, fairs decorated with flags. and balloons".

São João is a biblical character and cousin of Jesus. He was the prophet who announced the birth of Christ and baptized him in the waters of the River Jordan.

São João was assassinated by the Roman Empire because of his religiosity. Thus, he became a martyr of the Catholic Church.

Wuudsville has 1 teacher, 1 radio presenter (24 hour stream), 1 journalist (website under construction), 2 supermarket cashiers (food production), 2 police officers (patrol and gun testing ), 2 firefighters (rescue test), the mayor, and 1 doctor (data regulation), 1 pirate, 1 gangster, 1 mobster, 1 biker, 1 bar owner (we love to drink) online 24 hours and me . To be clear, the OS system will only be at the bus station, with people moving, arriving on the island, people leaving immediately through the city. Today we write a book.

Nico Kailani: By "OS system", Karen is referring to the OSW Beacon, which is indeed a system for reporting traffic. Now that she has become aware of the issues with her prior placement, she has fixed the problem. 13 days ago

Having trouble going to Wuudsville? Let's settle. When logging into Avitron choose the land Sandbox Main, from there type Wuudsville on the map and just go. I'll wait for you there.

Nico Kailani: I have visited and was kindly greeted by Karin, I was having some issues with my computer so I was unable to see much. I did have one suggestion about an object setting and she fixed the mistake (whic... 13 days ago

I simply admire

BearHug: I will not feel sorry for you Karincluny. and other Avitron residents when Alex without warning shuts off the lights. NO? Look at his history, do your homework. Run his name on Hypergrid Business. Rea... 16 days ago
District Cittá Giardino - Máfia de Saias - WuudsVille

The Cittá Giardino neighborhood is the most nostalgic neighborhood in Wuudsville, it concentrates a large number of commerce and a stunning casino with exciting games, live music and a 5 star restaurant. The price of the good life is determined by the Máfia de Saias. Based on the book by Lynda La plante, this RPG group from Wuudsville promises much more than entertainment, it promises to dominate all commerce, collecting its "tithe" for the smooth running of peace in the city. Come and meet Cittá Giardino.

Verna Avril: OPENSIM is the biggest small town you will ever live in. Small towns have big memories. 16 days ago

I spent time looking at this place, imagining a life being created there... where would I hide? Where can I warm up? Which group of people can I call my own?

Verna Avril: And as for the FANTASTIC build of your sim .... well that is a well known OAR that has been used for years in opensim. Was the basis of the first early ADACHI shopping sim and the DIVA shopping c... 16 days ago

Land in sight... The view of the pirate group upon arriving in Wuudsville. How much adventure do you imagine in this place?

Winwin: Opensimuser here is attacking one of my residents. "Ahhh butt hurt are you?" I have not spread hate or trolled anyone on this platform. "All lies" AviTron will keep beating your little grid's butts .... 16 days ago
Today when I arrived in Wuudsville this scene. A beautiful show of a quiet person in a beautiful place. And I wonder what this beautiful person thinks, what else can I do to make her have moments like this? Thank you so much, that to me is called affection. Lily Mikaelson♥

Live concert every week, go to our city and get the events calendar.

Here we have several stores, this is the shopping center nº 03. On Cassino street. Shoes, dresses, musical instruments, dances, animations, sex shop, abundant take copy.

Dona Maria Restaurant. Make your day, night, any moment a special moment. Romance in the beautiful restaurant, with love songs, stream 24 hours in a romantic place full of poses for you, your love and your friends.

Luna Lunaria: Lovely work :-) 21 days ago

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RuSapphire Beautiful build! One of the best regions I have seen in OS. June 28th, I spent more time here, exploring. This is undoubtedly the most beautiful RP city build I have ever seen. What a great job you have done! Bravo!

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JoshBoam 15 days ago
Full of Bots ! I Just spent 1 hour here and watched people standing around. No one moved or spoke .. Users from many IP addresses. Is this how AviTron gets his stats >? using Bots ?
JFlame 15 days ago
It is not open to the public...or at least I can't get there...