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The home of the Einherjar (Army of one) and Odin's favorite castle, Valhal. Here you will find the Rainbow bridge, Castle Valhal, the village of the gods, Valhalla Memorial gardens, ancient ruins from the previous Ragnarok, Heimdall's tower and much much more....come cross the rainbow bridge...and explore the home of the gods in Asgard.

Every now and then we are faced with letting go of a loved one in this real life and in virtual life. While it is sad and heart wrenching we know we will stand with them once again at the rainbow bridge. It is with this thought in mind that we have created our Valhalla Memorial Park some time ago. It is open to anybody who would like to put up a memorial there and or hold a memorial service. You will find this park to be very beautiful and peaceful right by the rainbow bridge. :) Blessings.
In our story line, Thor has become King of the New Asgard and champion of Valhalla. A huge monument of his famous hammer supports the new King's flag. It's an en"lightning" thing to see. :D Blessings!
Just a reminder of the beauty you will find in Valhalla, and really all over Grid Our Dawn. Stop by and enjoy all of our regions that are open. It's a true experience of beauty and creative talent. Blessings!

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Debra Ann Congi Beautiful sim. I enjoyed my visit.

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