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The Telehub for Ozone MiniVerse
On Opensimworld: Everyone makes their regions sound like the BEST or FRIENDLIEST places on the HyperGrid. We take pride in being the EXACT OPPOSITE! Our community is unlike any other! The food is terrible and so is the service, even the NPCs are rude. Respect is earned not given, this is a perfect place for MEAN, GRUMPY old QUEENS!

The only upside to Atrius Station is that all of our former OSgrid regions can be accessed from here. We have tutorials for newcomers, a thrilling space shuttle tour, free avatars, games and many other things our visitors have enjoyed over the years.
- Ozone: Free & legal* content, amusements, thrill rides and our deep sea adventure!
- Othello: Gay resort and playground with interactive NPCs, roller coasters, shows and more.
- Orion: A medieval themed homestead & "Crazy Carpet" ride!
- Dismayland*: A perilous theme park, not for the faint of heart
Grids known for corrupt, illegal, stingy or unethical behavior may not enter. We reserve the right to refuse access to anyone and we are under no obligation to give you a reason.

1. All tenants and visitors must be over the age of 18. In compliance with with LOCAL LAWS, child avatars are NEVER allowed. Some adult avatars (stolen from Second Life) will trigger the security bot. We refuse to mend the code so that your illegal or poorly rigged meshes can pass. Either change your appearance before entering or MOVE ON. ADULT HUMAN AVATARS ONLY.

2. Drama, SJW agendas, hate speech, IP THEFT and other forms of bedlam DO NOT BELONG HERE. Everyone is welcome so long as you can govern your behavior. We obey YOUR rules when visiting your world and YOU WILL do the same when entering ours! Be nice or BE GONE!

3. All guests are responsible for their user experience. Many of our simulations are resource heavy and it is up to you to ensure your machine is optimized for controlling client side lag. Consider using the AO built into your viewer, reducing graphic settings or draw distance can also be helpful. WE WILL IGNORE COMPLAINTS ABOUT LAG, learn how to properly configure your viewer for crying out loud! If you want to run scripts, you must ask 'Cad Friendly' for a group tag.
If you are unable to access our simulator, try again later. We make every attempt to keep our grid operational at all times but we must also deal with the experimental nature of Opensim software. Issues can happen suddenly and unexpectedly.

BRING ON YOUR NEGATIVE REVIEWS, we do not care about your petty complaints. If you do not like what we do here then make your own world and run it the way you choose to. We do not tell you how to run your grid and you have no right to tell us how to run ours. CAPISCE?

1. Residents may only vend LEGAL CONTENT.
2. Some regions have access to local residents only.
3. NPCs can be animals if used ethically.

All of our thrill rides have moved... and new ones are coming to Ozone MiniVerse!

This is the sim that started it all and inspired the creation of Ozone MiniVerse.

We're BACK! Othello Gay resort featuring interactive NPCs, shows and thrill rides.

Orion - Medieval homestead featuring the Crazy Carpet ride powered by the Opensimworld Roller Coaster Construction Kit.

Some idiot built a theme park in a swamp infested by alligators and other poisonous reptiles, the rides malfunction, the games are rigged and many of the attractions are DEADLY! This is the perfect place to punish someone on your HIT LIST! COMING SOON to Ozone MiniVerse.

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Meowzah rent is too high, gas is too high and I do not get to change the radio station. HELP!
Spax Orion I got interrogated upon launching the simulator, my first region looked like a sphincter instead of pimple island! The NPCs have gone on strike and the freebie vendor cloned me and converted my avatar to compost!
Brettson 1000 prims on a 256x256 parcel? No godmode? No scripts? No flying? No voice? Even the sex bed kicked me offline! No wonder why everyone is full of ire and rage!

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