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Eden 3
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This is the welcome center for all things pertaining to the Genesis Roleplaying Grid. This region is open to all to visit and is the default landing place for the Genesis Roleplaying Grid.

we now have 3 mazes in the welcome region, each with prizes to find and enjoy and most of it is animesh, so come and enjoy the fun of the mazes and a prize at the end and while you're here visit our other regions that are open.
Regions included on the Genesis Roleplaying Grid are..... grid.genesis-roleplay.org:8002:Plymouth Crucible and grid.genesis-roleplay.org:8002:Lioness Den. The Crucible is the testing grounds for those who want to see if they qualify for the role playing in the Plymouth St. Leger story line. This is a very well developed story line and it is amazingly fun with some very awesome writers. If you'd like to give it a shot, stop in and see what it's all about. Your contact is Metal Tango. There are fully 4 Plymouth role playing regions but you have to make it through the crucible first. Also on this role playing grid is The Lioness Den which is an African Safari wildlife preserve with all kinds of critters and beautiful scenery, awesome for picture taking. Take a boat ride up the river and see the animals or hop in a vehicle and ride around to see them in their natural habitat. Your contact for the Lioness Den is Lavia Lavine. Regions in the making are Artaisia and The Promise Land.

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