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Virtual beach will be offline tomorrow April 19 for maintenance

I want to weigh in on something I read earlier tonight regarding a FREE OpenSim. It sure would be nice but unfortunately that can't nor will it ever be the case for most of us. Servers and server resources cost money and in some cases big money. At the moment I have nothing coming in to help with the cost of Virtual Beach other then from 1 member. As of April 1st Virtual Beach will be charging a small fee for land based on land area size. As for content charging that will be left up to region owners. Everything on my own Rayvn's Roost regions will remain and continue to be free because it's my choice to do so. Why some may ask. Because my view is this. For one I am retired and have been since 2010.I live on a fixed income. I have a little extra I have put towards my entertainment budget every month. Because I don't go out for dinners or for drinks(I only drink tea and the odd soft drink or pop as some prefer to call it) My choice is to spend it online paying for my website hosting and now the Virtual Beach server . Being retired can be very boring so I spend my awake time creating. I have always had a creative bug since I was little. Making my dolls clothes etc then in school learned to sew and eventually sewed my own and my children's clothing when they were young. When my kids got older it was knitting and crocheting afgans scarves mitts etc. In 2002 or 2003 can't remember which at the moment I began creating game content for Zoo Tycoon and did that for many years under the name Yellowrose. I still own and maintain web sites for the game and host over 3000 downloadable files that can be added to the game.(No not all of them are In 2010 my daughter introduced me to my first 3D client and not long after becoming involved started on the creation end of it when I discovered how easy it was for me. Around about 2012 I discovered Google Sketchup as it was known back then and began making mesh rooms and furnishings. Not the greatest but they weren't horrific either. I then figured out I could texture mesh that was made available on this client for creators to use and so my clothing line began. In 2016 I was introduced to another client and a creating was a whole new animal. Well I took the bull by the horns so to speak. I did a few things clothing wise on this client and then the world closed. In 2017 I was introduced to OpenSim and again ways of creating changed. Still playing with sketchup I tried my hand at Blender. To this day I still can't wrap my head around blender to do what I would love to. All this time from about 2011 I also had an account on Second Life. That was great in the last few years I had been working and making good money but when I was forced to retire in 2010 that was no longer possible and SL far to expensive to do anything other then log in and visit the few friends I had made there. Finding OpenSim has been a blessing and a curse. It helps to give my awake time some semblence of purpose and keeps my mind active and I always have a multitude of ideas floating around in there that would make a lot of you dizzy if could ever crawl into the vortex of my

So enough about what brought me here. I wanted to be able to provide as much versatile content as I could for visitors to my regions. So like a lot of others before me I went grid hopping and collected a lot of content over the years here. Lost a lot too when I left for a spell and the world I was apart of closed in my absence. It was resurrected and I started collecting again only to lose it all in a hard drive malfunction. After this the world name changed and we opened as Virtual Beach and again I started collecting. I also had contacted an SL mesh creator back in 2017 and asked their permission to use their mesh on OpenSim and permission was granted. That's all it took for me to be able to bring SL content to OpenSim. All I did was ask permission. I now have permission from 2 creators and plan on asking a few others as well. And to think that's all every one of these copy botters had to do instead of stealing what they had no right to take. As a creator all I have ever asked of anyone using my creations on other clients was give a little blurb of credit for my work. Like Mesh created by or textures created by. Now I don't even bother with that because I don't want to waste time chasing down violators I have better things to do with my time and energy. So when you visit RRD Fashion Exclusives and recognize a mesh used is from SL. You're right it is "BUT" it is used with the creators permission. I know how it feels to have people disrespect the effort you put into creating something even a simple texture and I will not do that to any other creator. Credit where credit is due be it just a note in a notecard or a link on a post or in a product description. Like others when funds allow I have no issue shopping on the Kitely Market or buying linden to purchase mesh I would like to offer on my own regions. I also frequent free 3Dmodel sites and have oodles of stuff on my system to eventually be uploaded and because I got it for free it will offered for free. Even stuff I pay for I offer for free because I know there are those here that maybe can't afford to spend money to have nice things which is the case in real life as well. I just like to help what little I can in any way I can.

I know it's been a novel to read and if you got this far you have my heartfelt thanks. I have come to love OpenSim and have what I hope are a few good friends here. As you can see I am pretty open about a lot of things and I'm a reasonable person to get along with. Want to know something just Ask.

Happy Easter

Trizaria Hunter.

Form All of Virtual Beach may you all have a safe and Happy Easter

Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding


Maintenance went well and is complete for this month.

Forgive the Lengthy downtime today.

The backup is still running. Apparently the backup was started later in the day then expected and the file is going to be quite large for such a small grid. I am going to keep my eye on it for the rest of the night but it looks like Virtual Beach will remain offline until the morning.

I want to thank everyone, especially the VB members for their patience and understanding while we get this maintenance completed and tomorrow we can all get back to our grid normalcy
Tomorrow March 31st Virtual Beach will be taken offline to facilitate a full server backup. I'm mot sure how long this will take so at the moment will say 12 hours from approx 8am pacific time (opensim server time) to approximately 8pm. should this proceedure be completed much earlier I will add an update here.

Thank you all for your understanding an patience while we get this needed maintenance completed.
I have some news regarding the grid My Virtual Beach.

Officially on April 1st 2022 I will be taking over as full owner of the My Virtual Beach grid. This is not an April Fools joke folks.

I look forward to the continued visits from all the great people of Opensim and the other grid owners so an enjoyable visit and experience can be had by all who choose to visit or become a part of My Virtual Beach.

for further information join us on discord

more information in the regions listing here on OSW.