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Covert Gadgets

Covert Gadgets
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5 months ago
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Refurbishing all gadgets. Find a bug kill the bug by reporting the issue to Irish Whiskey so that it can be exterminated.
Automated Aperture door (I think it's cool) Spy tracker, teleporters, profile image displays (Available soon), automated group invite, greeters offering LM and NC and IP tracking to snoop out alt accounts for the purpose of identifying pesty avatars. New gadgets being added around fortnightly bases so visit regularly to see what's new. If I don't have it. send me a NC and explain what you looking for detailing what it does and I will see if I can and have time to create for you and everyone else.

I'm experimenting with DNS and firewall and would appreciate experimenters to visit this region and report issues with connection to me so they can be addressed
I also wish to say, for good reason I prefer people not to full perm my products at this stage for redistribution because I'm aware some contain bugs that need fixing. Giving those away just gives people faulty gadgets. Returning to my grid ensures that you get the latest versions with bugs and issues and suggestions addressed.

Phill895: No issues connecting and landing on your region :-) 4 months ago

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Faith Fromund Cool gadgets. Look forward to trying them out. Thank you.

Region Comments

IrishWhiskey 2 months ago
A new greeting gadget arrived.
Gives LM and NOTECARDS. Displays the names of the last 3 avatars with a counter.
Customize the font, size, colour and background. Also logs IP of avatars (If the the region administrator(s) allow this). Don't Hurry to get it! At this crazy price of zero bits and bytes and the infinite supply on hand it will never sell out soon.
oni kiri 4 months ago
Nice .. Thank you for the cool stuff !!!