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voodoo is the welcome region of voodoo-grid.
You can use the regions billboard to visit other places in voodoo-grid.

You never know what you might find in the voodoo-grid sandbox.

15 of the 9301 regions on voodoo-grid

Boxing Ring Video.... https://youtu.be/It4tSP3m4Rw

GarryBeaumont: Do you want the Black Hat to walk your region? 1 month ago
This is the Tool Chest I used to house all the workings of the walking talking Biker Chick NPC
It was made by Fredrik Johansen on Sketch Fab.
I converted it and its textures for opensim use.
All three textures are in the build.
It does not contain Biker Chick. :-(
You will find it next to Biker Chick on voodoo-grid.

GarryBeaumont: What do I do with all these Gold Coins I keep getting? 2 months ago
Personality Forge have done a massive AI upgrade so l thought I would make a new walking talking NPC
She is called Biker Chick and she is not very bright yet.
These things take time.
The more people talk to her the smarter she will get.

GarryBeaumont: She is very good at Mathematics. She is like a computer. 2 months ago

This chicken did not cross the road.

CyberGlo CyberStar: that's a pidgeon. (taxonomy error -5 points from Gryffindor!) 2 months ago

If anyone wants this .OAR I will put it on voodoo-shop

This 360 degree picture of the voodoo welcome region.
Drag your cursor over the image to see what is behind you.
It looks better full screen.

Jerralyn Franzic: Why do I feel like playing Counterstrike, all of a sudden? LoL 2 months ago

This is a 360 image taken inside Hangar No7
Do not look up.
The last person that did, has not been seen since.

New scripted Profile Board.
This one shows the profile picture and text of your last two visitors.

Misty_Falls: A cop walks up to the passed out zombie COP: "son, you ain't 'suposta be hear, whatcha waitin' for?" ZOMBIE: "brains...brains... I waitin for ur brains" COP: "you gonna starve son" 8 months ago

Ellen: This looks great but every time I check, Voodoo is offline. 9 months ago

Ellen: Seized I hope! 9 months ago

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Trav Winesmith Never Died. not only does the teleport fail.... it logs you out and you crash.... get your stuff together please and ill gladly come back and give you a different review...
Marga Grid/Sim not found :-(

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Lone Wolf 2 months ago
I think the address in opensimworld is wrong mate.
edo 3 months ago
teleport fails