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Tropicana Village
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Tropicana Village Hosts our Halloween Castle. A chance for you to pick up lots of Halloween Freebies. Use the teleporter from our Welcome Area or land at Tropicana Village 128,128,22 and use the teleporter. Have fun!

As you sail towards the island the first thing you notice is the huge Gothic castle on the hill. The surrounding forest and the birds alert you to the fact that all is not what it seems.

Sail around the island in your boat and see how large it is. What secrets lie within these hills? See if you can find the hidden entrance to the Tropicana village. Nestling along the banks of the lagoon are some small houses and a nice place to catch your breath and sit with friends.

There are some nice houses and homes on this region if you can find them. For more information on the rentals available here visit:

If you prefer to visit the Estate Office in world on the OSgrid then click here instead:


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The ruins.

Tropicana Residential area. The cavern and lagoon.

This property is still available to rent.

Halloween Castle. Lots of freebies inside for Halloween! Landmark at Welcome or teleport to region landing deck.

Hidden Cave and Residential Area embedded inside a mountain. Can you find your way in?

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