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All Free Shopping Spree
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A 2by2 var filled with mesh avatars for adults and clothes, furniture, houses, items for the home, books and much more. All free of coarse. There is even a few empty stores left if you would like a free store to display your stuff and give them away A full service mall

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ThundergodThor: Nicely done. Best wishes. 5 months ago

Pippfinley: All new remodeled 5 months ago

Pippfinley: View from the harbor 5 months ago

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JoseMiguel nada interesante, una sola tienda de ropa de hombre, la basura de otros sim, nada nuevo, el reto todo muy antiguo, una perdida de tiempo ir , nada merece la pena
MisBehave Owner is very nice and so much to see and get here. Thanks for all the wonderful things :)
yvonny Thanks for al the beautiful free gifts, hugg

Region Comments

SheaButter 3 months ago
Does one have to be member to receive item? Never received any item clicked.
Nexus Storm 3 months ago
Hi Shea please let me know which items you are having problems with and I can try and help you in World
Tigresa 5 months ago
bom dia amigo Tempestade Nexus o site não esta abrindo para mim
Nexus Storm 5 months ago
Hola Tigresa

Desculpe, o site está em processo de ser atualizado para um site interativo onde você poderá acessar o Neverworld a partir do site para que algumas coisas fiquem dentro e fora de linha, pois estão mudando as coisas e consertando coisas. Experimente o link se isso não funcionar venha ao mundo em outra av e vou tentar ajudá-lo lá. Tempestade Nexus em Neverworld também

Sorry the website is in the process of being updated to an interactive web site where you will be able to access Neverworld from the website so some things g on and off line as they are changing things over and fixing things.
Try the link if that does not work come in world on another av and I will try to help you there. Nexus Storm in Neverworld also
Tigresa 5 months ago
boa noite
como faço para fazer uma conta nesse gride
Nexus Storm 5 months ago
Oi Tigresa, se você quiser se juntar à Neverworld Grid temos alguns funcionários de língua espanhola, mas sem português, vamos tentar. O site é
Margie 5 months ago
I do not like the idea of any kid venue on opensim. I know its adults wanting to either be pedifiles or recover there youth. I rather not see child avatars going into adult regions which I have done so. The body is also nude when you get them. Not a fan as stated
Nexus Storm 5 months ago
Hi Margie I have been sorting out All Free shopping Spree and have removed everything that to me crosses the line I do not want anything related or could be considered age play on any sim that I am involved in. You will find petite clothing but nothing child related to me it is more a normal size than the larger sizes that seem to be popular. As for other child related items I am filtering everything and if I find anything that crosses the line its gone no ifs or buts...we must make a stand on this!
Nexus Storm 6 months ago
All Free Shopping Spree , Total New look to the sim , full refit lots of new items over the next few weeks just finished new harbor area watch this space.