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Hidden Christmas
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At Hidden Christmas, you will find:
* Hundreds of Christmas Dresses in the mall
*gift shops
* Christmas village like no other
* "Live' animals
* magical winter scenes
*the beauty of the cold Arctic sea
* Christmas fun to take you back to your childhood

We look forward to seeing you soon at Hidden Christmas!

Become a child again......
at Hidden Christmas Wonderland!

Naughty or Nice?

We have fashions for both.....

at Hidden Christmas

It's time to go Shopping!
You will find everything you need for the Christmas Holiday Season at the North Pole Mall. Decorate your home with candles, wreaths, trees, figurines and more. Then it is time to do the serious shopping.......for clothes! The North Pole Mall offers a huge collection of holiday dresses, coats, hats, and men's clothing...all for the holidays. Mis Behave has built this mall just for you.....so head on over today.

photo by MillyAnn Morgana
Fashions that will melt any iceberg! You will find this amazing Christmas dress at the North Pole Shops at Hidden Christmas. Mis Behave has collected more than 200 dresses to help you get through the Holiday season.

tis the season to go shopping!
Millyann is taking a stroll....seeing the beauty of Hidden Christmas! Whether walking through the woods.....or crossing the arctic sea on icebergs, you will find natural beauty all around at Hidden Christmas.

Shop, Explore and return to your Childhood at Hidden Christmas!

photo by MillyAnn Morgana
Special Message
to anyone who visited yesterday, I apologize for the conditions. I made a decision to make some changes. I wanted to try and make things better for our visitors....and sometimes things do not go as we expect. There is only one person to blame....and that is myself.

The good news is that this morning we undid all the changes very quickly and we are back to where we were before this nightmare happened.

If you had issues when you visited us....please come out again.......things are smooth and fast! If your lm does not work, just use the address from OSW page and paste into your world map...then make new LM's.

Once again, sorry for the inconveniences, I had the best of intentions. Come out and visit us now.....the region is running great!

The magic is back at Hidden Christmas!
The elves have returned to work! After celebrating a holiday with food and drink, all the elves had a good long sleep, but are now back at work. Toys are being built and painted, Wonderland is being decorated, a list is being made of all the presents Santa must deliver. You have got to see all the exhibits Mis Behave made in the elf workshop building.

It's a magical time of year....and sometimes we lose that as we grow older.

Capture the magic and return to your Childhood at Hidden Christmas!

p.s. Use the OSW link......as your lm's may not work...then make new lm's once you arrive. The penguins are back....there are NO REGION CROSSINGS....and we have stores for you to shop in!

Come out....and capture the magic.....at Hidden Christmas!
The Shops at Hidden Christmas are back open and waiting for you! Holiday décor, 200+ dresses, skates, scarves, hats, wreaths, trees, candles and much more!

Come on out to Hidden Christmas........meet the creators....and get your Holiday clothing and decor!
Good morning everyone! I wanted to let you know we have been working all night to change Hidden Christmas into 4 regions. If your LM's do not work...use the link in osw. This change will provide a better experience for YOU...although it does mean you will feel some occasional bumps at border crossings. We are still fixing Teleports, platforms...... and signs.....but if you come today....IM me and I will get you where you need to be.

Also...with this change we need to make Hidden Christmas a non flying region. I strongly suggest using teleports instead of walking across the border. The border crossings are causing issues with flying. Use our teleports, make lm's or enjoy a walk. We will get through this together. We are going to put in portals to assist you with each border crossing.....so you will still be able to have a nice walk....you will simply walk through the portal to get through the crossing. All will be done in a day.....but region is
open for shopping today! Also, please let me know of issues and we will correct asap!

Hidden Christmas Is Open!
We love our elves.....but they had a little too much food and drink. When the elves cannot work........the penguins will! The decorating at Hidden Christmas has been saved by the penguins! Please forgive the lack of details on the snowmen.....it is hard to shape snow with flippers! It took work.....but they have created an awesome snowman collection for all our visitors.

Don't worry about the elves, they should be back to toy making and decorating soon. They keep mumbling something about headaches and tummy aches..

While visiting our Christmas Decorations, be sure to stop by Mis Behave's North Pole Mall where you will find skates, skis, sweaters, dresses, hats , scarfs, wreaths, trees and so much more holiday decorating.

Hidden Christmas...….it's a magical place!
Where do you find the most stunning Holiday fashions? The North Pole Mall at Hidden Christmas! This mall was created by Mis Behaves and it offers more than 200 dresses, men's clothing, winter coats, hats, scarfs, boots and more.

Tis the season to be in Style

Here you see a recent visitor enjoying the wilderness at Hidden Dreams. We have had many people visit this week and we even heard a few people say: "I only wish I could live at this magical place!"

After giving it some thought yesterday, I realized that the only thing that could make Hidden Christmas better was YOU, so


Do you love the snow, and the crisp clean arctic air?

Would you like living in the wilderness?

Do you want to live at the most magical place all year long?

Do you want elves, reindeer, penguins, and polar bears as your neighbors?

Hidden Christmas will accept a limited number of residents. For information, please contact Safine Mahoe or Mis Behaves. All rentals are totally free!

Don't wait, make the move to Hidden Christmas!

photo by MillyAnn Morgana

I finally found all the elves! Seems the little guys are taking part in an America holiday called Thanksgiving with lots of eating and drinking. When will my decorating be done?

This highly detailed scene is one of many you will see by Mis Behaves at Hidden Christmas. Make a visit today......and Happy Thanksgiving to all!
We tried to have Hidden Christmas all complete for you.......but the elves refused to work earlier, so they are still putting up decorations! Apparently having ski slopes, a gingerbread village and a tavern was a bit too much temptation for these elves. Maybe they will be done soon, but I am not making any promises. If you see any tipsy, overstuffed elves....please send them to me....we have to get our decorations done for visitors!

Sorry you cannot visit me right now...the entire opensim grid is down for maintenance. It will be fixed soon and I can't wait to see you!

Special thanks to everyone that came out to visit Hidden Christmas and I want to let you know the TP's are working now. I had simply forgotten to reprogram them....something about being blonde. ; )

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Nad Ege What an amazing place ! North pole is so sweet . And a lot of Xmas items ! Thank you and bravo !
River Ditto everything that Harmony said! Hidden Christmas is beautiful!!! I spent hours here too. I had the opportunity to speak with Safine, and she is very friendly and helpful. I'll be back!
Harmony Beningborough How do I give 10 stars?? 20?? 30??? Ohh I absolutely enjoyed my HOURS here and will come back many more times! This is such a spectacular place, from the snowy village to the Arctic Sea to the animals, the elves and Santa and of course, Freebies, and the incredibly beautiful shopping village!!!! Tha...

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Region Comments

DocMercury 3 hours ago
It's been offline for over 4 hours, I am hoping it doesn't stay hidden for much longer lmaooo ♥
SheaButter 5 days ago
Land under water.Fly and nothing to be seen. Sadly do not get to explore.
Safinemahoe2 5 days ago
Hello Shea, that is a landing spot because not everyone is teleported to the right location. On that landing spot is a huge poster offering a lm as well as a black tp board offering instant teleport.
Trizzy Hunter 14 days ago
This is where I land when using the address link on Opensim world

Hidden Dreams, Hidden Christmas (128, 128, 0) - General

I'll try going to hidden dreams and thanks for looking into this I would hate to have other continue to have this issue. I know I'm one who will persevere until I can get where I want to go but others just get frustrated and say forget out and end up missing out on a good thing. Hopefully you can get it rectified.
Safinemahoe2 14 days ago
If you visit Hidden Christmas and land in the water....please go to Hidden Dreams.....you will see Posters and teleport boards which will take you to Hidden Christmas. Most have not had this happen, but a few have. I will be adding in teleports in the water for those. Also, should you have issues with vendors....please message me with the product you were buying and I will personally send. We know lots of people bought and received items yesterday......but we want everyone able to buy what they want!
Trizzy Hunter 15 days ago
Teleport didn't work for me the map says I am in the right place but there is nothing here just open water and a aprtially teraformed lake bottom for lack of a better description. I wish we could add a SS to show you.
Safinemahoe2 14 days ago
Trizzy....if you dont mind, please send me the exact grid coordinates where you land. thank you
Safinemahoe2 15 days ago
Trizzy, I am so sorry you had difficulties. I promise we will get this fixed for you. there has been a grid glitch issue for some people in where they land. I am adding another landing spot. It will probably be later this evening because osg is currently down and I cannot fix this immediately