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Abolutely no CHILD AVATARS!

Just a simple grid for friendship and fun and game playing and horseback riding. Items that are free I don't claim ownership of them as I got them through friends and opensim. The welcome center is bought by me and the Horseshoe Club is bought by me.
The welcome is a 3x3 so it is sailable :-)

Any questions feel free to message me and no hate messages.

A new year is coming! New beginnings and more... I'll be putting up a region splitting it into a few parcels for those who want to Join a contest for the new year. 2022 A new Beginning Contest :-) Top 3 winners will split a Cash prize $30 Payable Paypal or cash app First place will get $15 and the 2nd and 3rd place will get $7.50 Stay tuned for details!
For those signing up for my grid and getting an error when submitting. The email settings is messed up and is being fixed. Please email me here heyitsmyworld@outlook.com with your username and let me know that you registered. Thank you for those who signed up.
Is single so wrong? sometimes I wonder but then its just me. You see so much hate towards the LGBTQ but then its just me. Come dance with me, or just sit there and watch me as I dance, why? maybe its just me.
Does anyone listen to country music anymore! Seems country music is fading and we can't let that happen! I'm always in the mood for country music. Especially the older country music. Lets hear from all the country fans out there and your favorite country song.

Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes

Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes

click on rentals above and see my ADD - 3 regions gone. 1left

Trails throughout the region on Horseshoe Island next to welcome, you can walk over to it

Need a region terrain? has a few for downloading

GREEDY! Bring some friends Play with score board that keeps contract of your score.

Visit the Horseshoe Ranch! with a Horseback riding region

Looking for Sex Items? Has some nice ones... ;-)

Looking for Selea Core items? Has about 95% of her items

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