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Tropicana Fantasy, a hidden realm, a lost and mystical island in an eco system of its own. Wedged between our tropical islands, hidden by mountains there, you will find the magical deep forest within. See if you can find the hidden caves. There are lots of little secrets to explore within this fantasy region.

Elves, furries and mystical creatures are all welcome in the Deep Forest. All our regions are sailable and flyable. Drop on over and introduce yourself. We would be happy to welcome you to our community. This is also a residential area and we have a number of homes to let both furnished and unfurnished.

To see the kind of homes that we have on Tropicana Fantasy please click on the link below:

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Fantasy, Fantasia, magical, mystery, castles, homes, rentals, elves, fairies, furry, creatures, forest, rentals, land, homes, houses, caves,

Deep in the forest

One of the rental homes

Lush forest area with hidden caves and surprises.

Rental Property

Rental property at Tropicana Fantasy.

The nomads have arrived and camped out in the Shire.

A selection of rental properties are available at Tropicana Fantasy. Some furnished and some empty.

Explore the hidden caves at Tropicana Fantasy

Explore the hidden caves at Tropicana Fantasy

Explore the hidden caves at Tropicana Fantasy

Explore the hidden caves at Tropicana Fantasy

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It is said that the landscape is like a poem because it has its own soul but in this land where magic marries fantasy it truly comes to life and envelops you almost like an endless echo, it slowly takes over your soul, giving you new sensations .. .until you are amazed
Delightful little parcel. Enjoyed my adventurer here.