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Castle LoveGlo is a new castle I built from the ground up with nothing illegally copied. I wanted to build a castle that looked nice, that people would enjoy, come by and watch me building it! I'm almost done, and I plan to upload it to

dig starvignugen auf freischer wein du heisenelberger! Ein schwarzenstein daas von kreutzer haben du lackristrogenmeir!

Thirza Ember: My translation is: "I dig starving in the freezer with wine from Heisenel mountain. It's a dark stone made of Daas and small coins that lack wrist strength." Does that work? 3 months ago

The Office

The Den

The Lighthouse

The Bedroom

The Dining Room

The Den

The Courtyard

Available for download as an oar, new from Fred's website, it's Castle LoveGlo.
I created this castle from scratch (bare prims), and it is for you to do with as you wish, with one exception, do not sell it. Give it away, mod it, roll it into a ball and bounce it off the wall. Whatever you like. You can download it through ftp (use filezilla) at user id: ftpguest pw:opensesame it's the only file in the chrooted folder.
so... I built this castle from nothing but prims. It is for you to enjoy and have fun with. You can give it away or modify it, just don't sell it. Castle LoveGlo must be seen inside to be appreciated. I uploaded it to Fred, and it should appear in the oars on soon as fred gets a chance to hook it up. hugs. If you wanna see it inworld stop by

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Thirza Ember The Safari visited and we had a blast! Cyb is a gracious host and also a magical scripter. Lovely to see an old-style castle, and so many secrets and surprises, definitely worth a visit.
Zaidium Very cool adventure tour place to visit

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