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Free gadgets at Covert Gadgets. Security orb, teleports, landing point routing, automated group invite and so on. spy tracking, profile display. Visitor logging. Also a nice nudist beach to chill. find a vagina with a pee HUD and a realistic willy that can flop to one side and stand tall. Teens welcome (no sex please), and, the pervert club for the adults and those wishing to indulge in sexual ectasy..
I've ceased using Gloebit. It's a pyramid scheme operated by Chris Colosi. Defining Pyramid scheme. The only person to make money is the person at the top of pyramid. Creators and operators in opensim CAN'T make money as Chris Colosi does'nt allow creators to convert Gloebit back to real currency. We now give our stuff away for free to make sure the cunt, Chris Colosi, makes less money. Chris Colosi, is an SL employee so that should be the RED FLAG TO ALL!

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SheaButter 3 days ago
Was looking for this babysitter thing, but could not find it. Landed in a huge rock also. So not a good experience.
IrishWhiskey 20 days ago
Do not use Gloebit.. Gloebit is a Pyramid scheme.. Designed to give creators a false sense they will make money. Gloebit, by law, cannot convert your Gloebit back to real currency.............. If you want to make money for your region rentals DO NOT accept Gloebit as rent. Only accept direct deposit to your bank account or PayPal. (Disclaimer, morons on opensim like to post publicly, can't beat em, join em"
IrishWhiskey 20 days ago
Most people here are attention seeking and wish to post publicly. Hence, the saying goes, you Can't beat em, join em. I recently updated the region with a compiled opensim version from and appears that the version they have available for download is either corrupted, or contains a trojan. I'd go for the later..... meaning it contains malicious code targeting certain grids. I'm doing a roll back, once done, you will get into my region without a problem and of course that would prove the version I downloaded from "" contains trojan code.
There we go, hows that for a dramatic PUBLIC post!
Kubwa 17 days ago
Can you please show the proof? One detection is no proof btw:
This is a false positive, you might get for a lot of files. Especially because it only affects the file "mautil.exe" which is an mono executable which isnt normally used under windows.
Pagane 19 days ago
Thank you for warning about trojan in opensim code.
It seems that they integrate ban filter against non submissive grids in opensim code...
IrishWhiskey 20 days ago
To the intelligent people that private messaged me about region connection issues, a big thank you. To those publicly posting, there is a button called MESSAGE region owner which is a wonderful way to communicate in private region issues. However, I don't believe you could grasp that concept.
Pagane 20 days ago
However, believe or not, but your server or firewall have bad setup and as result users get only "Region not found" message.
IrishWhiskey 13 days ago
It's always nice to place blame on the firewall.... My firewalls have always been turned off. I choose to change ports from the conventional and rotate the ports on a regular basis. Example 8003. I don't use 8003 ;) nor 80 nor 3306 etc etc etc and rotate them, as said earlier on regularly. I have scripts that monitor hacker activity displaying their favorite port attacks. That information is used to decide which ports to change to next! Example. I placed Mysql on port 80 last week. The "self proclaimed woudl be hackers" attack port 80 searching for web server unknown to the dick heads mysql is on that port ;) for a few days.
Pagane 13 days ago
If you is good scripter, but not understand TCP/IP protocols and meaning of port better to not try to move head on back and feet's inside belly.
Sorry for extremely direct language but .....
Oh yes, and better to ban all here and to end with experiments.
Suzan Von Otter 23 days ago
region not found
Copper 25 days ago
I agree to what was said about Gloebits. Many articles about it at HG biz site too. I also think this would be illegal in EU, because a private person acts like a bank. SL is under US bank control. So I agree: Be careful with real money in virtual. As far as HG biz site wrote..The one is an ex LL employee.
IrishWhiskey 13 days ago
Inworldz did cash out, Paypal does cash out. Gloebits is in my opinion a criminal praying on creators by way of deception, luring them into thinking they can make money from their creations when the fact is Gloebit makes the money, not the creators.