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Christmas and winter sim. Exploring and freebie region.

I wish you all a relaxed weekend and a happy 2nd Advent:-)

Winter fun on Xanten. Come join skating with the elves!

Hello folks. I just wanted to know if outfits look so cool in real than on the pictures. So I asked a friend of mine to put a special outfit on. And yes it looks as great as on the picture. I could not take my eyes away lol.. But attention...you should have covers for special areas in your inventory! They are not included lol

Happy weekend all...

Enjoy this time of the year...

Happy weekend folks. Please stay safe , healthy and enjoy your weekend...If you see Santa flying around ,you can be sure that you had at least one hot wine punch to much..

just relaxing

Howdy folks.. RL movement is done, I have Internet connection again and so the sim is open for public again, have fun and enjoy...

Hello Folks and happy weekend. Due to RL movement , I can not be online, so I close the sim for public for some days. If all is going well it will be back on Tuesday next week. Greets Thomas

relaxing inside the snow cabin

Happy weekend folks! And if you visit the region, dont forget to look inside buildings. Perhaps it could be from interest....

ahhhhh, a cozy place.. but wait..what happened to Santa?

Night over Xanten. Everything is peaceful and quiet.

and ..if you cant wait to decorate your sim for winter/christmas time..Xanten is open for public...

2nd year!
Hello folks, happy weekend. I decided to open my Christmas Sim for public sooner than scheduled . So it gives you time to explore the sim and for decorating your winter sim to make it cozy and to snuggle around with your beloved ones. All things i found so far on the open sim..The sim is really, really fully loaded so give it time to rez or make a relog, that mostly helps! Have fun exploring! If you need any help, give me a call!

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LeonSullivan For me the best sim to get winter and christmas items. Like a mix of all: christmas market,fair and cozy romantic village
thedeeferry Best holiday decor shopping! Beautifully done. A pleasure to visit. You have got the touch. Ty for your generousity.
Debra Ann Congi Love it!!!!

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Sweetblack 2 days ago
nothing new, usual chaotic worlds full of lag, without useful things.
Thomas Etzel yesterday
I just wonder why some people always want to make trouble here on Open Sim. You never visited my region! (If you had done this , you would have seen that I have at least 3 bigger items no one else offers right now!) Your comments to regions are known as nasty famous -infamous anyways. Go your way , leave and spray your poison somewhere else!!! And if you feel lag(perhaps in your brain ?) buy yourself a better computer !
lunastormfeather 29 days ago
Why are you advertising it if it's closed to others?
Thomas Etzel 21 days ago
a real life movement without Internetconnection for about 3 days. Now it is open again. You should read the posts I make and not wildly post something that was already explained in the post!