Hi Valeria, yesterday I visited Treasure Island, it is a blast to travel through your games, to see the bottom of the sea with its mermaids you are truly an artist and I am happy to have you among my friends, your avatars are spectacular, unique, and please don't take into account the stupid people who write stupid things! they are stupid precisely, they cannot write things with a logical sense, ignorant because they cannot read and stupid because they criticize without knowing. You continue on your way you are doing great things, Thanks for ♥

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Valeria you have taken down the comments you made to us all, your regions are very good, but plz take on board the comments people are making, Yes i will copy items I find on the HG but if i put them in a store they stay in the same box or a changed box but with all the same items it comes with including the LM of where I got it from, if you want people to buy they make them to buy for 5g's , or let them be copied but untick transfer copy to the next owner, If I got upset how many of my own items where copied and used on others shops I would have a break down, I just look at it as a compliment that they liked my item,

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Kris Patrick
Obvious avatar copier , plain and simple.
with proof!

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Ma quale prova, dimostrala calunniatore! Come mai hai oscurato la tua pagina? Come mai ti nascondi? Chi ti ha mandato a fare questa recensione negativa? Siete patetici!

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