Tropicana Safari Adult

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The deserted shack in the jungle

Lots of animals and wildlife at Tropicana Safari Park

Be careful he is hungry!

The Safari Docks with the Irish Pub

The Airport. Aircraft and vehicles for you to fly and drive.

The group of Tropicana regions now has around 100 sims of open sailing and boating. It is not a massive expanse of open water but more of an exciting experience as you navigate your way through coves, straits, islands and open sea.

When you are tired of all the exploring give your friends a call and meet them in the Irish pub at the docks.

Visit the docks and take one of the free yachts to navigate your way through our tropical regions.

Take off from our regional airport and navigate your way across the beautiful regions of Tropicana below. See if you can make it to our Tropicana Airport South on the other side. Take a plane for sim crossings or just rezz a dragon for flights within this var region.

Elephants, tigers, lions and more at the hilltop Safari Park