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One of the oldest and best family friendly fully nudist beaches is back ... Great beaches and club - attached to the I Love You estate.

Shops and Hotel, Pools and low lag!

Please Note - Underage sexual activity is banned and we have strict behind the scenes logging - Normal family fun is permitted.

30 minutes to go before Princess Alex plays with her 12" singles live at the 12" Beach Bar on I LOve YOu 3 - and and gents with a 12" will win a prize .... giggles - NOON GRID time !!

Karen Mansour: we had to laugh - all the girls waited for the guys to show us their record collection .... but no guys turned up giggles xxx - we had massive fun with a brilliant DJ!!! 2 months ago
12-2 PM Grid - 12" on the Beach - Princess Alex
Where: I LOve YOu 3
When: 2 months ago [11 Mar 2022 12:00 SLT]

Princess Alex plays her favourite 12" singles
at the Beach Club at ILU3 .....
Dress code is Beachwear ...
ILU3 is a non sexual family area so all welcome !

We have 20 FREE beach homes for rent in two complexes - all with beach and ocean access - just bring yourselves and some furniture - 200 prims each. IM Debz Fox Inworld or hit the rental box !!

Have safe fun .... please abide by our rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Kubwa Nice built region but i wasn't able to move. Region seems to have a lot of technical problems.

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