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Free Shopping City , Lots of Free items Freebie Clothing, Men's , Woman's all set in a Scifi City. On the Ground there are Beaches and a car track.

Just finished the new HG and Petite area at Advantis its bigger than before, also added more HG items to All Free Shopping Spree and also Changes III (Dark Matter City.
Advantis has had a few changes we now have a central tp point with options for main mall ground and All Free Shopping Spree sim. I am also updating Changes III one of Neverworlds oldest Freebie Role Play sims and will be bringing it into our linked sim family more to come on that soon!
Feel Free to check out Changes III its still being updated and it is a megger megger sized build so there will be some lag to start. Free Shopping Spree III

Just put some of the more popular freebies in some new ground shops next to the beach in Advantis beach areas /ground shops and upper mall can be found from the teleport .

At our sister sim All Free Shopping Spree I am working on a new club area and shops in the sky on a space station ..not finished yet but your welcome to take a peak at it. Free Shopping Spree

Winwin: File a support ticket with Linden Labs - Call the opensim region rating police - Grid owners who do not obey Shitty Life's rules will be punished and banned from ummmm, uhhhhh, ohhhhh, hmmmmm, duhhhhh... 25 days ago
Another post for our Sister combined sim All Free Shopping Spree Free Shopping Spree
New Teleports are now in At Advantis and All Free to each of the sims and also to other great free regions . At All Free Shopping Spree The Little G Biker Bar is now located near the entrance , if any Djs would like to play this bar or any of our other great clubs contact me in World (Nexus Storm) about the great perks that come with playing our clubs. More New shops coming soon !!!
Lets Keep Open Sim Grids Free And Open
Come check out Advantis Neverworld , All Free Shopping Spree Neverworld , and Advantis Copycat Grid lots of great items all over the 3 sims All Free. Or just come and explore these huge sims from megger citys to beaches from shops to role play the choice is yours !
A Quick post for our sister sim All Free Shopping Spree we will be combining events and some posts here for All Free Shopping Spree and the Advantis Sims.
All Free Shopping Spree has just had a major refit with some great free clothing and also lots of house hold items ,if you have not been to all free shopping spree check it out more to come !!! Free Shopping Spree
Advantis Neverworld joins the Galactic Republic , join us , join the light side and pick up some great free items. If you wish to promote your sci fi sim here or on our sister city in CopyKat Grid please contact Nexus Storm in world.

Advantis Neverworld Beach Race Track Area , have fun on this grat track rez your cars or use the ones on sim or just relax on the beach Tps can be found directly from the freebie shopping mall

Wyrril : IM me more! 2 months ago

Advantis Neverworld lower mall added a few new items also working on the Cyberpunk Tokyo underground area which can be found from the tps more to come with this !!!

Wyrril : YOU THE BEST!!!!!!! 2 months ago

Advantis Weapons Shop lots of working weapons (all inside unscripted displays take copy and open) Role play props and a few landscaping items

Advantis Mall Neverworld ,11 new skins for September in the Promo Area All Free Full Perm. Jabba The Hutts pool Club is finished near the Jawa Market great place to relax and chill. Ground level Roads have been updated for the race track and a few selected Halloween props are near the ground tp point in the Green House. Beach Areas and speed boating open now , more to come !!!
Lots of New Skins in the Advantis September Promo Area at the top of the escalators , The latest ones are China Vixen 1 & 2 and LS Vixen fantasy skins perfect for a cyberpunk party scifi role play or Halloween Free and Full Perm

Advantis VN7 Skins Free Full Perm in The September 21 Promo area top of escalators. New Scifi Twilek Skin Fantasy and Halloween Skin

Advantis at Sunset , now working on the Casino /Jawa Market areas also lots of new items in the upper malls areas

Advantis Lower Mall, Working on the lower mall area now lots of new items and more to come. Star Wars Scifi Jawa market in the Industrial zone starting to take shape , hope you enjoy seeing this shopping and scenic sim come together !

Advantis Freebie Mall now has a Sushi Bar , lower mall slowly filling up with items , if anyone wants a free shop just contact me in world Nexus Storm

2 New Skin Sets From VN7 highly detailed designs now in the Promo area at the top of the escalators in Advantis mall. Also the lower mall is starting to fill up , and new fun vehicles to race in the works area near the Casino / Chinese Market. Dont forget the ground relax on a beach or just explore.

Advantis Casino , still working on the Casino and Industrial areas still lots to see in the shopping area and on the ground beach areas

Advantis Freebie Shopping Area , Still working on the city parts but the upper shops are in place more to come.

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thedeeferry Visited this sim before and still love this place! Found some unusual syfy-type skins this time. ¨Do your thing. Do it unapologetically. Don't be discouraged by criticism. You probably already know what they're going to say. ¨ AR.
Nexus Storm Please note Items in this sim are collected from around the hypergrid they have been given away free in the first instance full perm. If anyone has a problem with their items on any of my regions please let me know. I try very hard to create a place for new and old users and other grid owners to fin...
NineZero Beautiful SciFi mall. Multi-level. Tons of freebies from all over hypergrid along with Nexus Storm's own SciFi free things. Take the time to explore. Well worth it.

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