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Tropicana Sunseekers
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Welcome to Tropicana Skies. This beautiful landscaped tropical sailing environment is here for you explore and sail or fly in. Our Adult Sandbox is also on this region and has some complete ready to go free mesh avatar packs. [ Sandbox 2 hour return ] This is a very relaxed adult region where everyone is welcome.

You can do anything you like here so long as its legal in real life! Tropical and themed for the beach bum spirit within you. Why not take a look and claim one today!

Thank you for visiting Tropicana Skies. Have fun. OS Grid [ Adult Rating ].

Radio Tropicana:


Features: Adult Sandbox, Complete Avatars Store, Shops for rent, rentals, Residential homes, sailing, flying, windsurfing, jet ski, freebies and tropical beaches to explore. Tees by Brock, Estate Office.

Tees by Brock are the ultimate in boys for boys designs. Unleash the raunchy naughty spirit inside you and grab yourself a beautifully crafted sexy and eye catching t shirt. There are t shirts for most bodies here. The absolutely "Proud to be Gay" must have clothing can be found at our sandbox in the Tropicana Skies Region.

Slurl: hop://

Tropicana Skies: 70/702/22

Lots of Halloween gifts just for you on our Tropicana Skies region at the Sandbox corner edge by the shops.

We have quite a selection of Halloween freebies already. Help yourselves!

We have quite a few Halloween Freebies now at the log cabin on the sandbox. Courtesy of Jon Sun.

We have quite a few Halloween Freebies now at the log cabin on the sandbox. Courtesy of Jon Sun.

Our Rental office is situated in Tropicana Skies.

Plenty of small Tiki huts and hangout places. Also some available free rentals on the archipelago.

Stunning scenery and a virtual paradise:

This is an example of the quality of the free housing available on our regions. All we ask is that you fit in with the theme and live your life in our no drama environment.

The main administration centre for Tropicana.

Our very large Adult Sandbox. [ 2 hour return ]

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Region Comments

SheaButter 9 months ago
Are you supposed to land underwater?
Emerelda Greenwood 9 months ago
Not really Shea. I will take a look at that. We are currently changing some landmarks so hopefully that will resolve things. Thank you for letting me know.