Adachi Adult

LoganHunter 8 days ago
Greetings my longtime friend, Oni Kiri. I want to thank you for your kindness and consideration to people visiting Adachi. You made my friend and her wife happy with your gesture by presenting them with what they've dreamed of for so long. Thank you Oni Kiri. AviTron will always be open doors for you and your residents.
Logan Hunter
Advisor - AviTron Metaverse
Sweetgal 10 days ago
CopyKat grid returns. Welcome back.
Zarak_Hifeng 10 days ago
It's online again !!!!!! Yaahhh
Trixs 1 month ago
Absolutely one of the best grids i have been to and wonderful helping people there thanks Oni Love you are the best
Hera war 1 month ago
Adachi has all the best, very well made, lots of freebies.
The owner is spectacular, very friendly and always responding to requests. Thank you very much for your attention and affection.
Koni_Lanzius 2 months ago
OOOOOooo, love Adachi! Such wonderful stuff!
Kashi Takeshi 3 months ago
Cool things going on at Adachi, always nice to visit and chill some.
Very kind owners !!!
Lonetwist2k 5 months ago
Oni went out of her way to help me, she and her staff are wow, and is lovely welcome center and friendly people, thank you Oni ....Tenderly
Ralph.Clinquant 5 months ago
Really lovely place. It's packed with stuff. I come here regularly and it really shows the typical spirit of Opensim.
Helping each other!

Very friendly admin who took time to help me out personally.
zeta 5 months ago
great place to visit explore and meet friends
Mourning_Rayne 6 months ago
Adachi ROCKS! Oni is very sweet .Adachi is a go to for me and always highly recommend.
DauniLanzet 6 months ago
I absolutely LOVE Adachi. Oni always outdoes herself this time is no exception. I had the pleasure of a brief exchange with her this morning what a Gem! I highly recommend Adachi.
Adore 7 months ago
Great to have you back , was Miss by many
Lilith 7 months ago
I always forget to comment
great content
very beautiful island
I like the theme and very cute lgbt environment
Winwin 8 months ago
RichardFairplay 8 months ago
Thank you!
Yara Qi 12 months ago
Happy to see my old friends are back ;-)
Sparkaphat Doobie 1 years ago
I am so glad Adachi is back. It is simply the best anywhere to get things to make your metaverse life better. Thank you!
kindra Turian 1 years ago
TRULY one of the best shopping experiences in open sim!!! WOW thank you so much for the content you contribute to us.
italianmeatt 1 years ago
Welcome Back My Friend !! :)
TamaraZaurak 1 years ago
Soooo glad your back!!!!! Beautifully put together....
Adore 1 years ago
welcome back adachi Good to see you.
Bebe 1 years ago
and Adachi is back and with it all those amazing memories :) Welcome back
Zoe 1 years ago
So happy to see Adachi is back... What a great feeling when visiting to go back to old days, great parties and lovely friends. Welcome Back ADACHI