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Tunes 24/7/365 ... Get your Schwing on
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Hi all you wonderful, special. goofy, FREEBIE shopping lovers !!

Grab a CopyKat Grid TP hud in Adachi for 29 other Freebie & Fun Regions to Explore

OH yea Freeibes
Lot's of Freebies

No Kid or Child Avatars Allowed in Copykat Grid ... It is with sadness and regret that Copykat Grid must refuse entry to all kid and child avatars.

EMMY LOU !! Make me Happy

It started long ago with a japanese console and a program called "Music 2000".

Me, MMM, Mixxx & my VDJ

Get to Know me !!
My utube channel -

Smooth Dance Tunes
Continuing this Wednesday's Session
Bring your Fave and Dance to Excellent Couple Tunes

DJ Twe;amdoa !!!
Wicked Tunes
Fun Friendly People
Damce. Shop, Make New Friends

DJ Trota Swing = That's Right ... Swing It

Now Live in Adachi - CopyKat Grid

Excellent Party DJ who specializes in EDM, TRANCE, HOUSE, FAST BEATS
Look. up definition of "Party Guy" and you find Trota Swing
Swing Party Time !!!!
DJ Emmy Lou = Make me Happy

Happening Now in Adachi CopyKat Grid

It started long ago with a japanese console and a program called "Music 2000".

Me, MMM, Mixxx & my VDJ

Get to Know me !!
My utube channel -

DJ Twelandria Jax - Like good music? Of course you do duh !
Region: Adachi
Event begins: in 17 minutes: 2022-11-23 13:00 SLT
Added by: Oni Kiri
Every Wed @ 1pm Grid Time
DJ Twelandria Jax is bringing 10 years of DJ and music experience to Adachi in CopyKat Grid.
All genres mixed to the beat of awesomeness.
What time is it? Who cares it is TIME TO PARTY

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DJ Twe;amdoa !!! Get HAAPPY
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DJ Emmy Lou = Make me Happy
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Lonetwist2k Oni is the best, wow I asked for something simple and she goes out of her way to help, with an item and more, is mentioned Simply The Best !! thank you Oni :))
Zoe Synclair Very good, I like the new layout and, as usual, lots of freebies.
Passion Jumanji AWESOME! So glad to see this grid back in action! ;) Looking forward to sending my friends here as well as coming back time & again! Thank you for reopening this grid again! ;)

Region Comments

Troy Resident 15 days ago
Excellent friendly support service that is always aimed at helping you make the right choice and solve your problems. Owners are interested in the development of the grid and constantly update their range. I love this grid
SteveFranklin 1 month ago
A lot of really good stuff here- Come and indulge the Pixel Whore in yourself! Really good people too!
LoganHunter 2 months ago
Greetings my longtime friend, Oni Kiri. I want to thank you for your kindness and consideration to people visiting Adachi. You made my friend and her wife happy with your gesture by presenting them with what they've dreamed of for so long. Thank you Oni Kiri. AviTron will always be open doors for you and your residents.
Logan Hunter
Advisor - AviTron Metaverse
Zarak_Hifeng 3 months ago
It's online again !!!!!! Yaahhh
Trixs 3 months ago
Absolutely one of the best grids i have been to and wonderful helping people there thanks Oni Love you are the best
Hera war 3 months ago
Adachi has all the best, very well made, lots of freebies.
The owner is spectacular, very friendly and always responding to requests. Thank you very much for your attention and affection.
Koni_Lanzius 4 months ago
OOOOOooo, love Adachi! Such wonderful stuff!