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Welcome to Port Michael ( Tropicana Ocean ). This was our second region and used for sailing and recreational purposes. Featuring a main landing area and a long sandy beach this region has a few rental properties if you are in need of a home. You are welcome to use this facility and treat it like home. There are no rules. Everyone is welcome. Only the residential housing areas are private.

You can rezz your yacht or boat here and sail the ocean but just be mindful that you have 1 hour to leave it unattended before it is returned to your inventory. We recommend that you take a flying dragon from the rezzer points at each end of long beach or try your hand at driving a jeep along the beach.

To check out the properties on this region just click on the link below:

A full range of properties with the landmarks can be viewed at our Estate Office on the Tropicana Sunseekers region:


Features: Bella Villa Island, sailing, flying, windsurfing, beaches, residential, homes, rezzer, dragons, exploring, tropical, OSgrid, land, homes, houses,

One of our rental properties

The Landing area at Tropicana Ocean.

Me and my dragon flying off into the sunset

Mike chilling out in the old hot tub

Hidden away in the swamps a log cabin at Port Michael

Small pier and private boats.

Luxury private Island at Tropicana Ocean.

Long beach and the lighthouse at Port Michael.

A tropical environment with plenty of places to explore.

Port Michael ( Tropicana Ocean ) Dock and landing point

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