Tropicana Adult

Copper 4 days ago
this is correct.. GPDR is private data colection protection from EU...and has nothing to do with virtual worlds visitors (except the collected IP etc when visiting a sim). Pagane throws stones onto sparrows..I can only suggest to read that article / law! Or..consult a lawyer before posting such things without any knowledge: this here is just nonsense. What has a personal data protection to do with avatar height...oh Lord
Emerelda Greenwood 4 days ago
I think some people just like to throw their toys out of the pram from time to time. Thank you for your reply. The reason we installed !Childgate is due to the fact we had some problems with child avatars acting in an improper way in an adult region. Since then we have had no trouble.
Emerelda Greenwood 9 days ago
Hi Pagane. Childgate is to prevent child avatars. The height restriction is 1.4 metres not 2m which would be ridiculous. Also, if you can write a better script then we would love to take a look at it since you must be more competent than the incompetent script writers that wrote childgate right? Finally, as for being illegal under GDPR you are actually talking nonsense. No one here at Tropicana actually knows your identity or holds any data on you at all. This is merely a child prevention script in a virtual world but then you would also squeal GDPR rules if you got kicked out of a real life club for any reason I guess. GDPR does not apply at all - period!!
Pagane 10 days ago
!ChildGATE: This regions contains ADULT CONTENT. To avoid LEGAL LIABILITIES, we scan all visitors and EJECT any avatar believed to posses child-like attributes. For your convenience, we have sent you home so you can change into an ADULT appearance....

Not know what contain this region but may be must make some education. Only law where i know "adult size" to be defined is the traffic law wher ask adult size to use front seats and there adult is:
more than 1,50m or more than 50kg.
Now i imagine whats will happen if peoples like creator of this "Child gate" have some real power in real world:
May be will use machine gun again peoples low than 2 m?
Or may be will ask we to have 2,5m high butt and weight 250kg?

P.S. Please all incompetent scripters who not know how to recognizes really child avatars to stop to write illegal scripts. Illegal because kick me out with this script is 100% illegall accorging to europe GDPR!!!
alexa maurer osw 10 days ago
sadly didnt get the chance to visit this place because your "childgate" thinks im child and sends me home but i wont change my 167cm avatar. its ok for me if only 2m ppl are allowed
JonSun 1 month ago
Amazing builds, relaxing vibes, sailing with room to sail for miles, and plenty of great stops, some with fun for all adults, regardless of your preferences and kinks. Be prepared to spend MANY hours here!
Allie Dawson 1 month ago
A great region, with SO much you can do. ESPECIALLY in conjunction with the surrounding Tropicana regions, which can be sailed to (or flown to or WALKED to (if you can hold your breath long enough!).
Emerelda Greenwood 1 month ago
Thank you Allie :-)
BrummyJade 2 months ago
Nice to see you back Mike. Love the new tropical island. Which house is mine lol x