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Tropicana was born out of an idea to create an adult community with the emphasis on freedom, regardless of their gender, age, sex, race, class, religion, ethnicity, ability, language, sexual orientation. Opensim is primarily a builders haven. An alternative to Second Life, and a place for those creative spirits that want to build.

We offer some outstanding tropical islands and sub tropical regions. The majority are joined up with open sea and air access. Tropicana offers the user a variety of unique environments and landscapes. Whilst mainly tropical, and beach orientated, we have castles and even a city. Our private regions also feature a unique experiences for the visitor. This is an explorers paradise.

We are pleased to provide furnished and unfurnished properties and a limited number of land parcels for long term residents. Our Estate Office is located on our "Tropicana Sunseekers" region and our Teleport Centre is here at Welcome. The Tropicana regions are adult rated so we do not allow child avatars.

Please visit the Estate Office on Tropicana Sunseekers. hop://

For property rentals at our Welcome region click here:

Features: Docks, Party Boat, Photo Studio, Open houses, poolside, Welcome Area, Sailing, Clifftop bar, windsurfing and beaches.

Region and Grid Owners: Do you have a lot of rental properties? How do you manage them? Are your tenants also tenants of other grids and do they hardly ever visit the regions that they rent from you? The rental dilemna is real. To rent or not to rent? That is the question......Visit our blog section for more details. I can't paste a link here as it comes up blank but if you visit the blog section of our website it should work. I would be interested to hear from other grid owners or region owners with regard to rentals.

Paula: No question trying to manage a region is a challenging and thankless labour of love. * Kinda like raising children. Tropicana is a gorgeous region, beautifully designed, well run and very friendly tha... 2 months ago

The Spa and Massage Parlour

The Pool at Welcome

Landing Area and occassional party stage

Tropicana Information Centre - Landmarks to all our regions and partner regions.

Tropicana Gardens

Tropicana Fun Yacht

The Coastguard HQ

Tropicana Camping

Our Welcome area has been updated. Drop in for a sauna or visit the Welcome Centre.

The Tropican Photo Studio is designed with friends in mind. While there are plenty of excellent photo studios available in the Metaverse, and they have plenty of features, this studio is unique in its social design. All controls are available to be used by everyone. This is by design! Have a photo party with friends - chat and take photos of your latest outfits. Included are over 45 poses, over 100 stunning backdrops, and true photo-style lighting. 3 switchable pose stands allow friends to pose together. Also included is a custom controller for controlling the lighting and backdrops.

Located on the Tropicana Region. Use the local teleporter post to find it easily.

Relax by the poolside. Working floats, a bar and a public house nearby. Treat the place like home. You have every right to be here :-)

The landing point at Tropicana. Use the teleport boards to land at our other regions or the teleport post to travel around the region you are in. Rez a vehicle and take it for a spin around the island.
The old ruins by the pond with its hidden cave. Take a walk around the interior of this region and climb the hill for a view of the spectacular scenery below.
As with all our properties, they are furnished and ready for your use. Nothing is private on this region so feel free to invite your friends and make use of any of the accommodation. You have temporary rezz rights here too for unpacking your clothing. If you need a larger rezz area then try our sandbox.

Our beach goes the whole way around the island. There are some nice spots to relax and chill. Escape to Tropicana and explore.

Our restaurant in a ship has a small party deck where you can dance with friends. On the quayside below you have windsurfers and canoes which you can sail around the region. Unlike sailing boats they will struggle with crossing the sim but they are great to use inside the region that you are in. Available on the larger var regions too.

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FunnyFarm my av's 5'2 and got kicked by that child thing lmao, this means Salma Hayek is a 55 year old child!
Cataplexia Numbers Congratulations on a beautiful grid! I visited a few regions during my visit and found it to be not only perfectly landscaped but i also did feel that sense of a more laid-back beachy lifestyle that I felt when i lived in Florida years ago. Kudos to your builders and decorators! Was also nice to see...
Krystal Moonstone SSsssshhhhhh Don't tell all your friends about this hidden gem of regions, or they will all want to come along. Absolutely amazing builds and community, be as involved as you wish or not. Great Welcome area, and likely to bump into someone at most times. Amazing hosting deals for your own region. Fa...

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OS and the OSGrid with which you chose, has countless places to meet and socialize. It may not be as busy as SL. Personally have never been there. Virtual world, is what you make it. We like it just the way it is. Most of us have our own grids, to do as we please. We don't care, that there is not tons of people there. We have our fun, even if only 4 people there. Your forgetting that, most everything is free here. So, like the rest of us, just enjoy! Forget the competitive attitude. Were all here for our own reasons. Just have fun and enjoy, what you have.
I agree with you which is why my partner is still here and thoroughly enjoys it. You would need to take a look at SL though in order to draw any comparisons. Whilst similar they do have fundemental differences. This is merely an observation of what we have experienced. Everyone comes here for different reasons but many go back because they find it is empty. If it works for you that is amazing. I am not forgetting that it is free and neither are all the people who came and went. They prefer to pay for a better service in a populated world. Its just a choice issue. There is no competitiveness here. This is just an observation and trying to encourage people to use LBSA Plaza or other Welcome points at their worlds so that visitors can see that there are more than 4 people online when they come in. If we didn't enjoy it we wouldn't be here so that goes without saying. Thanks for your comments.
At the Osgrid sandbox and this LM put in map....says none found.
This is a common issue in OSgrid and other grids. It is nothing to do with us. It happens. Most people manage to get here without any trouble at all.
A truly wonderful place. Very cool free ocean side rentals with a beautiful huge sea for sailing. They even give you a high end sailboat. BRAVO
this is correct.. GPDR is private data colection protection from EU...and has nothing to do with virtual worlds visitors (except the collected IP etc when visiting a sim). Pagane throws stones onto sparrows..I can only suggest to read that article / law! Or..consult a lawyer before posting such things without any knowledge: this here is just nonsense. What has a personal data protection to do with avatar height...oh Lord
I think some people just like to throw their toys out of the pram from time to time. Thank you for your reply. The reason we installed !Childgate is due to the fact we had some problems with child avatars acting in an improper way in an adult region. Since then we have had no trouble.
Hi Pagane. Childgate is to prevent child avatars. The height restriction is 1.4 metres not 2m which would be ridiculous. Also, if you can write a better script then we would love to take a look at it since you must be more competent than the incompetent script writers that wrote childgate right? Finally, as for being illegal under GDPR you are actually talking nonsense. No one here at Tropicana actually knows your identity or holds any data on you at all. This is merely a child prevention script in a virtual world but then you would also squeal GDPR rules if you got kicked out of a real life club for any reason I guess. GDPR does not apply at all - period!!
I love the childgate!
sadly didnt get the chance to visit this place because your "childgate" thinks im child and sends me home but i wont change my 167cm avatar. its ok for me if only 2m ppl are allowed
love childgate, seen way too much abuse of folks pushing the envelope and if height restriction only way to control, then so be it
Amazing builds, relaxing vibes, sailing with room to sail for miles, and plenty of great stops, some with fun for all adults, regardless of your preferences and kinks. Be prepared to spend MANY hours here!