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All instead of leaving a negative review like Michelle did how about alerting us to problems first? We would be happy to fix perms. You would think since everything is free, you would not have to leave a -0- star review for a new sim trying to offer FREE stuff. Sheesh.

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Jamie Wright
I'm sorry people are being so harsh. I thought it was a really good depot of some very useful and lovely things. Nice work Govega:)

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Not very original at all and disappointing to say the least.
Just another rip off of using others ideas instead of being original with design and ideas and products.

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Michelle Hartley
I also landed on the roof, which I must admit due to its texture is confusing.
It looks like your standing on a floor waiting for something to rez.
Little disappointing. Although you can buy any of the script packages and the Security Camera they do not appear in your inventory.
after you purchase them. None of them are set to copy only Buy.
It's also the same with the desk in the Spa section. You can buy it but does not appear.
I hope this has helped. Thanks for putting up a Builders merchants. They are always needed.

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cero m
Neat new sim! Some good stuff.
Might want to fix the TP point, it put me on the roof and I was really confused for a moment.

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