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Hidden Dreams is a collaberation between Alexis and Safine. This is what happens when you combine a car and boat lover with a nature/ animal lover. It seemed impossible........But Hidden Dreams is unlike any place you have visited. It is the Caribbean, Tuscany and a Satyr Farm on the Plains of Africa. It is high speed race tracks, underwater worlds and a marina that offers sailing around 162 sims. This is a quiet place to come relax. Some areas still under construction.

Ever wanted to live on the African Plains....with views of beautiful animals? I have decided to open up a few unique housing locations for people who may want to live at Hidden Dreams. House #1 - Tree house (shown). House #2 Lighthouse on the Beach, House #3 Italian Villa House #4 underwater in mermaid Cove. These are unique homes...and I want to find people who would really love them!

White river kayaking is the newest feature at Hidden Dreams!. There are at least 6 drop offs where you will get wet! start at the top of the mountain and kayak all the way to the ocean!

Mermaid Cove at Hidden Dreams......a fantasy world that is waiting for YOU! Put on your tail and come enjoy.

The Bandini main track at Hidden Dreams is set in city by the ocean. Your drifting skills will be challenged as you go through the hairpin curves! This course is for those who enjoy a challenge!
This was a nice little off-road course......until I got ahold of it. The desert setting blends in with the many twists and turns. Now, you will also be faced with stumps and logs . rocks that will send you flying...and boulders to jump. Give it a try......if you 've got the guts!
Yoga on the beach! Over 40 yoga and exercise animations available including: Pranayama, Tai chi, Lotus, Samakonasan, Savasana, Peacock pose and many more! Hidden Dreams is about YOU....doing what you enjoy!
There are 3 surf waves available at Hidden Dreams. With the sizes constantly changing, you will always be challenged! Hidden Dreams is the place to surf with: body surfing, kayak surfing, long board, short board and wind surfing. Come on out....the waves are perfect!

Kylei hitting the waves on a surf kayak. Take a copy of the kayak paddle and have fun!

I happen to know there are a few people out there who love sailing and boating.
We just increased the Hidden Dreams estate to 162 sims for you to enjoy! You can literally spend hours traveling the waterways. Our boat collection will be unveiled in the next couple weeks. Hidden Dreams is about YOU....and now you have a 162 sim playground to enjoy on a lightening speed server! If you like boating...you will Love Hidden Dreams!
Today Hidden Dreams got new servers! I want to apologize to anyone who visited recently and had to deal with lag. Please come out and take another look at things.
I think you will be amazed at the speed!. Hidden Dreams was built for YOU to enjoy.....so I have arranged a massive dedicated server to make sure your visit is awesome. We have some exciting news coming soon!

The best Surfer Babe I know....and the one who taught me.....Allie Dawson hitting the waves at Hidden Dreams.

What is missing in this picture? You Are! As I mentioned in an earlier comment, The guests are what makes Hidden Dreams special. I have a huge favor to ask. I have met so many wonderful people this week who enjoyed seeing the estate. I want to show YOU....the guests who make Hidden Dreams special! Please send me pics of YOU at Hidden Dreams so I can post them here. Please include your name too.
Hidden Dreams is not about me......it is about YOU!
safine mahoe @ OSGrid

Surfer Baby is making progress on the waves at Hidden Dreams!

Surfer Babes ROCK!

Surfer Babe in Training.....Kylei one second before the wave got her.

Kylei is learning wind surfing at Hidden Dreams. She is much better at this than regular surfing.

Surfer Dudes & Babes know that Hidden Dreams has awesome waves and boards! This is Safine is riding the tube!

Kylei has found a home in Hidden Dreams!

A beautiful bird......and a birdbrain! ; ) The more you explore at Hidden Dreams, the more you see!

Explore the tropics.....and realize Hidden Dreams is your hidden secret. Shhhhh don't tell others about this place.

Good luck trying to steal my rum!

Hidden Dreams is about you being YOU! We don't tell you what to wear or not wear. When you come here, just be ready to relax!

Making Olive oil at the Hidden Dreams Farm. Satyr Farming has provided us with a unique opportunity to showcase all the African animals in an animated form.

Hidden dreams is not a place to shop, or a venue with dances always scheduled. There are plenty of good places for those. Hidden Dreams is a place for you to come enjoy . Whether you prefer photo safari in Africa, looking at the impressive automobile collection, spending time underwater or hitting the race tracks at high speed....Hidden Dreams is about YOU!
Explore the huge underwater world of mermaid cove...you will find ruins, shipwrecks, statues and much more. Take the underwater tunnel to the coral reef and be mesmerized by the beauty all around you!

Classic cars, exotic cars, muscle cars.....all part of Lexi's huge auto collection

The Beach at Hidden Dreams is ready for you to enjoy!

Just a few of the animals at Hidden Dreams

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Hans von und zu Wurst 12 days ago
I walked around and i liked it very much
Safinemahoe2 12 days ago
Thank you Hans! please chack back again...we are adding (and fixing) things everyday. Some big new things coming soon!
victorialogan 13 days ago
beautiful, really an interesting site, I recommend it to visit. You have done an excellent job, congratulations.
Safinemahoe2 13 days ago
Muchas gracias Victoria! su regiĆ³n, Vicky Dreams, es un excelente recurso para la comunidad hispana
Kenin950 14 days ago
Hi folks, I have just done a tour around this place, I haven't seen it all yet it's lol,, but I have to say it is gorgeous, make sure you have 2 or 3 hours spare to take it all in,, you will be amazed..
Safinemahoe2 14 days ago
thank you Kenin, you are kind and i look forward to meeting you when you come back. And....if you don't have 2-3 hours....just come by for a few minutes and return again!
Kashi Takeshi 15 days ago
Hiddens Dreams, made by Safine and Alexis is a great place with lot's to explore. Take your time because the place is big :)
Safinemahoe2 15 days ago
Thank you Kashi, that is a huge compliment from a talented builder like yourself!
Kashi Takeshi 15 days ago
Thanks for the nice compliment. I am just a modest builder :)
Safinemahoe2 18 days ago
We still have a few things under construction, but feel free to come out and look around!