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shawnkmaloney OSWRS
The lack of a usable commercial-free radio to enjoy the region with, and a teleport board at the landing point with Selea Cores shop on it, and a Visitor Board of Truth at LP, AND these two pics in the Opensimworld Uzuri page slide show steals the 5 star rating it should deserve.... https://i.postimg.cc/8cT9Zjpr/selea-001.png ..... https://i.postimg.cc/YS91zkBq/selea-002.png .....
I am now typing a re-review adding a half star to my previous 3 stars, to clarify my confusing pictures statement. What I meant was that there is not a picture of the place where Seleas creations are in the slideshow, and the pics I provided were/are offerings for use, should Zoe be lazier than I am, and stick one of those in the slide show. Why the 1/2 star bumpup? Because Zoe used some of her time to let me know things I needed to know. Thank you Zoe. Ok, I just now notice that the half star ends up being a full star. so pooey! I'll keep it at 4 stars hoping that Zoe dosen't do anything strenuous to make up the difference. :) :) :)

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Jupiter Rowland
The two best reasons to visit this place are the exclusive Synclair Designs dresses rigged for Ruth 2.0 (although you'll still need alpha layers if you want to wear them with Ruth2 v4) and probably the biggest selection of Selea Core boxes out there (including a custom one that ought to contain them all). It's a bit rough around the edges here and there, and the walking animations seem not to work, but hey.

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