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Uzuri is a very small grid currently consisting of two 4x4 (16 region) sims and CoCo Island. All regions are open to the public and we have, at present, about a 97% up-time. We do regular restarts (usually about every 72 hours) to install updates and keep the regions running smoothly. This is a personal, non-profit project which does not use inworld money. We are listed as "Freebies" for search convenience but there is much more here than simple freebie shops.

Uzuri Region is a 4x4 Region (16 contigeous sims) with lots to explore. In general, all regions are "safe-for-work".

Large collection of Selea Core, Ruth2, Roth2 and other freebies. Home of Synclair Designs (Authorised SL Imports for Ruth2 and also compatible with Athena).

Parks, beaches and wild, lost villages. Radio station, towns and many more places to explore.

Please note: things are not set "for sale" here. Instead, they are set as copyable. Right click on the item, then click "More" and then "Take Copy".

If you wish to become an Uzuri Resident, please be aware that all applications need approval first by admin to help prevent griefers and trolls who sign up to various grids for griefing purposes. You should PM me here if you decide to join so that I can authorise your membership. Land requests are also welcome. Any enquiries can be done through PM here as inworld messages are unreliable when I am not online.

We are partnered with Bernicia Prime.

Keywords: Ruth, Ruth2, Ruth 2, Roth2, Roth 2, Freebies, Avatars, Clothing, Selea Core, open source, creative commons, Synclair Designs, Made in Opensim, Made for Opensim, Explorers Welcome.

Opensim is great for creating beautiful and original desktop/phone wallpaper.
This is my current wallpaper, taken in the wild, abandoned village on Uzuri.

Sunrise over Eastern Beach, Uzuri

I have now removed ALL visitor greeters and visitor boards from my two regions (Uzuri and Bernicia Prime). I value my visitors' privacy more than the convenience of knowing how many visitors I've had. I was also uncomfortable that visitors' names and grid were on view for everyone to see. Well, they're gone!

I wasn't monitoring them anyway.


Legacy project;
Bernicia Prime: Prime

Kylie Brimmer: Well how would you know if someone visit there then???? 5 months ago

In Support of freedom to determine your own destiny

Murphy's Law (aka "Sod's Law") says that "everything that can go wrong will go wrong". No sooner had I posted an Uzuri Update and gone offline for the night, the server crashed and was off for 14 hours! Well, we're back now.
Apologies to anyone who was trying to get to the grid during the offline period.

Aaack: Corollary #1: It'll also go wrong in the worst moment possible. 6 months ago
Uzuri Update: More visitor-friendly welcome area with teleporter to landmarks around Uzuri grid. More Selea Core products added by others from around the Opensim grids, including some that I have repackaged so you can see what you are collecting. New Modern shops for the Ruth and Roth products. Old Town and supermarket in North East corner of the grid with freebies for standard avatars.
Caribbean Freebie Store by CoCo.
CoCo Flow has generously shared her work in her Freebie store on CoCo Island, Uzuri. Some great mesh items including Animesh, Furniture and Art. Landmark giver for the region is at the welcome area at Uzuri.
Artisan Row Free Shops on Uzuri Virtual.

Due to recent griefer attacks, rezzing has been suspended. If you would like a store anywhere on Uzuri, please PM me here on Inworld IM can be unreliable if I am off-line.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

New Development on Uzuri. Come visit our newly built radio station where you can choose your own genre of music to listen to while exploring. (Not including the welcome area which is set to Radio Northsea International.)

Click the radio on the media desk and choose your station from the menu.

Radio created by garry.beaumont, supplied to me by shawnkmaloney OSWRS. Many thanks to original Opensim creators!

Following essential maintenance, Uzuri is back!

I present my collection of Selea Core products, collected from around the grids.


Visit the Beautiful Colosseum Gardens on Uzuri.

Direct teleport link

Just paste into your inworld map.

Guest Sim - Asylum. Surreal urban exploration with just a touch of creep. Go into the strange world of the creator's imagination. I have adapted this sim a bit to add a swamp and mesh mountains instead of the terrain mountains.

In case anyone hasn't noticed yet, I like prims. I present a Prim-built Pantheon. Made in Opensim for Opensim with simple textures so that you can easily customise it to your needs. Ready boxed and linked.

I don't dislike mesh and appreciate the skills of mesh designers, but I like prims because the definition is usually more crisp and often rezzes more quickly for me.

Back in SL, the main limiting factor was Land Impact. Here on Opensim, that isn't a problem, so this pantheon is built with all-prims (except for balustrade parts which are available on Lani)

Map co-ordinates : 785,576,33
Prim Built in Opensim.

These two buildings, a commercial / store building with two floors and an old-style 50's Diner are new, full perms and completely legal.

No mesh, just honest to goodness prims! Ready for your sim.

Map co-ordinates 147/842/23
Adapted recently to add; Synclair Designs, Ruth2, Roth2, Selea Core.

Hosted on Bernicia, the oldest region on Uzuri grid, built way back in 2008 - that's a lot of virtual time This used to be the whole grid. Created by Zoe Synclair (aka Synclair Lavendel). The base oar (excluding Ruth and Roth) is available from Outworldz and is free for anyone to use.

Now adding some regions that I built back in the day. Come see what's new. Eventually, the whole 4x4 region will be populated with freebies and towns that are completely legal and free, joined together with a network of roads and footpaths. A work in progress.

If you find anything is not copy-able or at least for sale for free, please let me know by DM here or inworld at Uzuri.

I'm trying to keep this grid copy-bot free, so if you find anything that has been copy-botted, please let me know and I'll remove it as soon as I can.

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shawnkmaloney OSWRS The lack of a usable commercial-free radio to enjoy the region with, and a teleport board at the landing point with Selea Cores shop on it, and a Visitor Board of Truth at LP, AND these two pics in the Opensimworld Uzuri page slide show steals the 5 star rating it should deserve....
Jupiter Rowland The two best reasons to visit this place are the exclusive Synclair Designs dresses rigged for Ruth 2.0 (although you'll still need alpha layers if you want to wear them with Ruth2 v4) and probably the biggest selection of Selea Core boxes out there (including a custom one that ought to contain them...

Region Comments

Trizzy Hunter 10 months ago
the Exact Message is "Teleport Failed. Unable to Verify Identity." and this is try to teleport to Uzuri from
Zoe Synclair 10 months ago
My bad! It was just that the server needed to be restarted after the change I had made.

Just to confirm, the grid address is

(Just paste it into your map as the "hop" and "HG" buttons don't always work as expected.
Let me know if you have any more problems, thanks Trizzy.
Jupiter Rowland 10 months ago
I still get the "Unable to verify identity" with both the URL and the Outworldz URL. And I wanted to bring you 60+ Selea Core boxes...
Zoe Synclair 10 months ago
Could you try again please, Jupiter. When the DNS name is changed it can take up to 24 hours for the ip change to migrate to all parts of the web. If you (or anyone else) wants to drop SC stuff into the Selea Core warehouse, rez permissions are turned on but could you DM me here and/or IM me on Uzruri sim so that I don't think it's junk and return it (people have dumped stuff on my land before).
Jupiter Rowland 10 months ago
Okay, it works, I'm in. But I can't rez anything in the warehouse.
Zoe Synclair 10 months ago
Fixed :)
Trizzy Hunter 10 months ago
YAY!!! that worked....then I had to leave to go pick up grocery order so just heading back now....thanks very much for all your help Zoe it's very much appreciated.
Trizzy Hunter 10 months ago
I to am getting the "Can't verify Identity. Being admin on my grid I can say it is not on our end. Very frustrating as I was hoping to add to my own Selea Core Collection. It's not the outworldz address as I have no issue visiting any other outworldz grids.
Trizzy Hunter 10 months ago
I to am getting the "Can't verify Identity. Being admin on my grid I can say it is not on our end. Very frustrating as I was hoping to add to my own Selea Core Collection.
Zoe Synclair 10 months ago
Hi Trizzy :)

Do you mean you are getting "cannot identify identity" when you try to go to Uzuri or to Zetaworlds?
Trizzy Hunter 10 months ago
trying to go to Uzuri from virtualbeach.
Zoe Synclair 10 months ago
OK, try the following URL
Trizzy Hunter 10 months ago
same message "Teleport Failed. Unable to Verify Identity."
Paul Jones 11 months ago
i cant get in from zetaworlds
lunastormfeather 10 months ago
Zetaworlds doesn't allow you to go to any outworldz grids.
Zoe Synclair 10 months ago
I'll research getting a new IP forwarding address. There is, to my knowledge, nothing on my sim that should warrant a ban, so if it's just the "outworldz" address that is banned, I'll see about changing it. Any admin from Zetaworlds is welcome to come and inspect the sim any time they want.

edit: OK, in deference to Zetaworld residents and others who's home grid has blocked Outworldz, I have changed the address of the region. Any old bookmarks to bernicia should still work.

Let me know if that works :)
Zoe Synclair 11 months ago
Hi TheGreatGambino, I'm sorry that you are having trouble getting to Uzuri.

This is the second report I've had that someone couldn't get in from Zetaworlds. I don't know why that is, but when I try to go to any Zetaworlds region I get a message that they are "unable to verify identity".

I'm guessing that the grid is either a private one or, for whatever reason, has blocked teleports to and from bernicia. All I can suggest is contacting the admin to see if that is the case.

Thanks for your interest :)