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Reflections is always sharing good thoughts and ideas. I really thought the Jan 11th meeting was extra special. Asking questions always gets the creative juices flowing. IF you are looking for a group to share your virtual life experiences and think about why you "DO" virtual life.....come join us. Every Tuesday at Noon. Alternate Metaverse Grid (AMV).
Where: Woodhaven Retreat
When: 13 days ago [11 Jan 2022 12:00 SLT]

Reflections Tuesday:

OK let's "live ON THE EDGE!" NO topic ...just Questions...questions to each other.....

Caution: TMI may be shared!!! lol

The WHY? of virtual life.

(first paragraph in italics)
Gray Delwood (avatar's name) is a freelance writer and explorer of Virtual Life platforms for thirteen years (Second Life and OpenSIM to be specific). With a real life background in psychology, Gray often thinks about the social construct known as "virtual life simulations". In this article, he offers a few nuggets for your consideration in hopes that it might spur some fresh thinking about the "WHY?" of a virtual life.

While teaching in an adult degree completion program and during a class break, I heard students chatting about "Second Life" - later to find out that it was a computer 'game'. [Also later, I found out to NEVER call it a game!] To satisfy my curiosity and understand why they were so animated and excited about this topic, I spent the next couple of weeks exploring this mystery. I created an account, made an acceptable avatar and jumped into what I thought would be a three, maybe four week journey.

Needless to say, after thirteen (fourteen? loss track) years I am here writing my fifth article on this amazing digital vortex of an experience. I will try my best to focus on a narrow field of thought. I want to ask three questions and highlight the third and final one. The key words for each of the questions are as follows:
WHAT? A very tangible and fact oriented question.
HOW? More to do with 'process'
WHY? Now this word/question opens up the depth of the universe itself. (insert spooky music here lol)

~ companionship / friendship
~ need to be creative (build, script and art)
~ the need to be MORE than I am in real life

~ companionship / friendship
~ need to be creative (build, script and art)
~ the need to be MORE than I am in real life

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GrayDelwood 6 months ago
~ companionship / friendship
~ need to be creative (build, script and art)
~ the need to be MORE than I am in real life
GrayDelwood 6 months ago
Dare to ask WHY and you risk slipping down paths you fear in nightmares. BUT none the less….we shall ask.

Let me start by presenting the WHAT question in a unique frame. Most of us are aware of "computer games". Those hours we spent (and never got back) in front of a screen racking up points, diamonds/gems or other valued items. MOST, likely had an objective by which you could say, "Hey, I WON!" or more often the screen would mock you with, "GAME OVER!".

If we gave it ANY thought, we would acknowledge that several sad souls spent many, many hours coding and re-coding and testing and re-testing and THEN re-coding again for these fleeting moments of pleasure. And we thanked and toasted them with a swig of Dr. Pepper....right?… NOT! But we KNEW there was code involved in there somewhere. I mean games are not birthed by rubbing two sticks together…right?

So this "WHAT" question revolves around the very practical and disciplined activity of placing ones and zeros in the proper order to produce FUN! (or at least a challenge). So WHAT are 'games'?????? Coding!

So now to the "HOW" question. OK! I'm not EVEN gonna attempt to address this one in THIS article. Feel free to pick up one of the tens-of-millions "How to be a GAME producer" guides and books out there. I can now hear the many whimpers of would-be game makers sayin', "WOW this is hard." So let's move to what I find the most enjoyable and astonishing QUESTION of all times….especially around the topic of 'virtual life'.

So, WHY virtual life? There it is….lying there in its full and unashamed nakedness…waiting for an answer. Let me "tip my hand" here. My opinion? The answer??? (MORE than could ever be printed.) As many answers as there are those that would even ATTEMPT to answer this. But even so, the question is worth asking! We all have needs, wants and pleasures to be addressed. Asking, "WHY virtual life?" is like asking WHY does the sun shine?….WHY is the sky blue? (well we have a pretty good answer for that now…ask Alexa - molecules - light and blah blah blah).

But let's ask anyway…."WHY virtual life?"

May I suggest a few….and I mean a very FEW of the possibilities. These answers have surfaced while facilitating a discussion group called "Reflections". [Allow me to digress: During my captivity in virtual life, I have been blessed to lead a discussion group in several grids for several years (7). For this group, the goal began as a simple reflection on our weekly activities and experiences. Through it, I have met some wonderful, articulate residents by which I am extremely grateful. More than just chit-chat, this discussion encouraged frank and candid talk around the 'good, bad and ugly' of our virtual life experiences. The joys of friendships and the terrors of abusive stalkers … the full range.] However, every time I would ask any question around the topic of "WHY are we IN HERE!?", the answers would be fairly consistent:

~ companionship / friendship
~ need to be creative (build, script and art)
~ the need to be MORE than I am in real life