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I LOve YOu 2 Adult


Trav Winesmith Never Died.
I would first like to start of saying that I am a virtual world reviewer, blogger, promoter and resident. I am also now a member on the xUSYou grid, ( which this region is in.) Before I even went to this grid I met the owner on another sim. She told me about XUSYOU, and was very informative, reasonable, personable, and had a demeanor about her that was not controlling . This is a key component in running a great region or grid. When i arrived on the grid and region X us YouBash I was welcomed by another owner,(i believe there are 3 total) and I have also met the moderator and other staff members. Each one on of them greeted, welcomed, and actually got to know me and i them. It was genuine and natural . As for the Mega Bash region, I will say that the club and its layout are nicely done. It is a custom build, so its not going to look like every other club you go to on open sim. The layout is open and wide, and closes off in the right places, giving the structure a good Feng shui. Good Feng shui means good energy, and good energy is a very important thing to have in place where you have an adult theme with parties and everts. The regions overall ambience and architectural style, fit perfectly with the sims geographic 'sunny beach 'theme. (which all create an excellent stage for a mega bash. In closing, I would First off, recommend this sim to anyone. Secondly, I would highly encourage those that are looking to explore their kinky side in virtual worlds, to go to this region and grid. And Lastly, I am telling those that already explore their kinky side in open sim, to give it a shot. For once its not mean arrogant people having a kinky time in a region.. Its nice people that like t o be naughty. Non judgmental, accepting, and down to earth people at that. I encourage people to come visit and get involved. I joined the XUSYOU grid/ and when you join.... they give you your own pre decorated house with great furniture in it. Simulations don't get much better that places like this in open sim. I hope to see this region become very popular and the grid it is in, significantly grow.

-Travesty Winesmith 05/28/2021

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