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ArcadiaShop Adult


Frank Hurt
Aaack’s creations are all-original, fully-legal, and incredibly detailed. Ranging from avatar accessories and furnishings to a variety of both historical as well as imaginative vehicles, there’s really no one way to define this store’s offerings but to call them “eclectic”. Drive the giant steam-powered mono-wheel vehicle with your friends and I dare you not to laugh! These are pro-level creations you need to check out for yourself. To top it all off, the creator is a kind, generous, witty fellow who I am privileged to now refer to as my newest friend. With the variety of items, attention to detail, and original, legal products, ArcadiaShop is going to the top of my list of Open Sim landmarks to provide newbies. What an excellent addition to our metaverse!

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Jupiter Rowland
At last, this place of legend has found its way to OSW. Seriously, go there. This isn't your typical "stuff I found on the Hypergrid" freebie mall. This is all original and very well-modelled, not to mention the wicked scripting in the items. Oh, and if you're a lady with a system body or Ruth2 v4, take the monorail to White Lies and check that place out as well.

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Beautiful regions! Really nice to wander and explore.

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Jamie Wright
Aaack, you make the best things in the OpenSim. And beautiful region too:) Thank you for sharing your work so generously.

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Blue Smith
A great variety of items available, I didn't realize it but the ArcadiaShop main building was one of the places I first went to hopping around the grids and it was a pleasure to revisit. The main layout has an art deco and gothic feel to it, like the best Tim Burton movies, and the items available here are all excellent and feels like they are magically scripted. Great craftsmanship and location.

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all your creations are incredible, !!!

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Froot Loops
tastefully crafted region full of unique items, a friendly and exceptionally helpful owner who is a pleasure to meet. I would still return for more even if I had to pay for the items.

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10 stars!!! Awesome freebies , surrounded by stunning sights & creations! A must!

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Arkham Grid
You can find some original and amazing creations and the creator is very helpful and kind, thank's for your job!

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Very unique

Enjoy my visit there.
A real artist with some real skills :)

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cero m
Aaack is an old friend and an extremely talented 3D artist and I'm delighted to see him join OSW.
All his products he made himself- no copybot, no turbosquid remixes: This is 100% organic free range mesh-y glory!
I recommend checking the region out, many well made items ranging from mesh accessories and furniture to delightfully imaginative vehicles.
There is sure to be something to catch your eye!

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Esti Moondust
Really nice place, work done with sim is truly good.

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