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Product Update:
Arcadia's Espresso Machine & Arcadia's Beach Party Set

Thanks to a bug report (from a kind person who's username I've lost, I'm so very sorry for being a disaster archiving logs), and a bug detection both in my scripts and the simulator code (thanks to Tampa for the scripting correction and Ubit for the super fast bug fix on the master code) I could fix a bug in the givers of my Beach Set and Espresso Machine.

The bug is noticeable when someone that's not the owner of the object clicks on the object, in some cases the giver will ask the owner to animate and will deliver the selection of food or drink to the owner of the object instead of whoever clicked. That only happens if the owner is in the same sim as of the giver.

Welp, that's fixed now. You can get a fresh copy of the Espresso Machine and the Beach Party Set either at my main store or the satellite store at Wright Plaza.

Happy Friday!
New Release: Arcadia's Cargo Pants.

This one is for the guys:

I made a pair of cargo pants, ideal for informal attires.

It comes rigged for the system avatar and Roth, it comes in three variants: long, medium and short and in seven colours including white for if you want to tint it.

Each object contains the textures used for further customization.

You can find this new release at the main store or the satellite store at Wright Plaza.

Happy Friday!

Blake: Thank you for your work and thinking of us gents :) 20 days ago
New Spooky Release: Arcadia's Armless Monster.

Inspired by the game Silent Hill, I made an Armless Monster.

It comes in two versions: NPC and Wearable.

It features custom animations for walking, standing, sitting and sitting on ground.
The wearable version includes an AO with the animations graciously provided by Lotek Ixtar.

The NPC version comes with a simple roaming object and the NPC card for if you want to use it with an NPC manager like the Satyr's ActiveNPCs NPC Controller (

You can get this monster at my main store or the satellite store at Wright Plaza@ OSG.

Happy Sunday!

P.S.: Of course, both versions vomits black goo from the chest =P

TheFactory: Looks pretty 'armless to me 1 month ago

If you ever need a little script utility that parses an HG name and "clean" it up from the regular format of "name.surname" leaving only "name" and "surname", feel free to take a copy of this

I just uploaded it, if you have suggestions just let me know.

Happy Monday!
New Release: Arcadia's Dance Pole.

This pole is a re-implementation of the Paramour Polemaster Lite, it contains the same dances, but the difference is that it doesn't contains any light script or colour changes, the mesh is completely different too, ideal for steampunk or less modern environments.

It sits 4 by default (you can change it, read the manual) and the mesh itself is elegant and light.

Happy Wednesday!
Did you know?

At my exhibition parcel on OSG's 15th. birthday you can find a beach party theme.

I made several object that are available only on that parcel for now, including:

A log with single and couple poses.
A recliner with single poses.
A battered apple box with single poses.
A cooler with soda cans and beer.
A barrel BBQ that gives burgers, hotdogs, corn on the cob and kabobs.
A simple fireplace.
A couple of beach counters.

The food will animate you and it'll disappear gradually as you consume it.

Every animation, mesh, script, texture and sound was made by myself, in order to celebrate the creativity of the grid I call home.

You can find my plot at: hop://

Happy Friday!

Jamie Wright: You make the coolest stuff. Thank you Aaack! 4 months ago
Product Update: OS Collar AO

The OSCollar AO has been updated to 7.0.1, you can get your copy at the first floor of the main shop (or second floor if you're from USA).

Also now there's a drivable demo of the Adams-Farwell Series 6 car at the hangar next to the runway.

Happy Tuesday!

Lisa Luv: You're so awesome Aack :) 5 months ago
New release: Arcadia's Adams-Farwell Series 6.

This project took me two and a half months to finish, I'm proudly presenting to you a cute, rickety car to travel around sims and roads in relaxing rides solo or with friends.

The Adams-Farwell Series 6 was a 1906 car produced by the Adams-Farwell company. It featured a rear mounted rotary engine, very similar to airplane engines of it's time.

There’s still one functioning Series 6 in the world, you can see videos on YouTube of it running.


This product will only work in ubODE, OS 9.2+ and either X or Y engine.


My Series 6 has the following features:

1. Seats four avatars, the front seat will open automatically when a third avatar seats.
2. Each avatar has it's own pose that will change when you turn left or right.
3. Each pose are in fact a set of 3 poses, the car will try to guess you height and fire an appropriate pose for your avatar to make it look as best as possible.
4. A dynamic camera that switches between forward and reverse in all seats.
5. Custom sounds, sampled from the real car.
6. Unique mesh, carefully crafted and shaded to imitate the real car.
7. The engine has two gears, gear one while slow it will make the car able to climb almost any slope like a real car, if your car can’t negotiate a very steep slope just drop your gear to first and you will conquer the hill like a boss.
8. A menu on click that lets you operate the car’s accessories like lights, canopy and the capot, the car will remember the settings even if you recompile the script in mid operation.
9. Awareness of the sim/parcel to reset the dynamic camera for all passengers when you cross them so the driving experience remains un-compromised.
10. Custom stand targets on each sit, so you or any passenger won’t end standing on top of the car.
11. Access list, you can choose to let your car unlocked for everyone to drive or select a list of people that can drive, a white list.

You can get this new car at my main shop or the satellite store at Wright Plaza.

Happy Sunday!

Jerralyn Franzic: Oh yesss... I think I'll add this to my little car stash here in Open Sim :) 5 months ago
Collars upgrades!

Thanks to Lotek the collars has been upgraded to 7.0.2, this version fixes some bugs on the RLV subsystem and the titler app.

The collars at the shop are already upgraded so you don't need to do it manually but you can also get only the upgrader for your existing collar.

But wait, there's more!

I've setup a box with extra apps and goodies you may want in your collar too, they're all at the first floor of the shop (second floor for you living in USA).

Happy Sunday!

Brenden Joseph: Just got them and updated thank ty :) 5 months ago
Update about the collars and the updater:

As I mentioned before, I released an updater in the box of the collars that is humm... updated.

Well, it turns out that updater will break the collars!, so I removed it from the shop for now until I discover what's going on exactly. But fret not, I also upgraded the collars with the latest (working) RLV system, so for now the collars I have on the shop are the most updated ones that work.

When and if I have news about the collars I'll let you know. For now just get the latest and fixed-est copy from the shop, and don't try and update to 7.0.1 it'll break your collar.
It's been a while huh?

But I'm not exactly idle, I'm just working in a project that is taking for ever to finish.

In the meantime I have done a series of small upgrades in the following products:

Art Deco Desk, new animations and functionality on the props (and sounds).

Personal Airship, new camera reset functionality and access list (check the manual and the script).

Collars updates, the box contains an updated updater (7.0.1). You can get the updater alone at the shop too.

Have fun!

Jupiter Rowland: Duly noted. I shall get me the new version of the desk soon. 6 months ago
New Release: Arcadia's Disco Floor.

This is a complement to the disco lights.

This' a single mesh object so you can resize it to fit your needs, it features different colours, light effects and animations to live up your dance place!

It's controlled by a HUD and most animations uses an analog lenticular effect that's unseen around, but also it features the classic dance floor look (shown in the picture).

Happy Sunday!

Suzan Von Otter: so for people who have elepsia or are susceptible not to use, the patterns are disturbing to the eyes, so I felt that. Please use with caution. Thank you. 8 months ago
Last update: OSG is back on line.

As you may be aware OSG is off line.

Let me preface this by saying that your data is ok. This is not a crash.

This is a needed house-cleaning procedure that's the product of taking up to four times the space in the server that it's needed for the assets files. So they are re-organising the way the data is stored and adding essentially more space in the server.

In your personal computer that would take about 2 or 3 hours tops, given the size and complexity of the setup of OSGrid that will take about 48 hours. Think that the current ingest of assets of the old server is rounding a quarter of a billion assets... in tiny tiny files.

Think your hard drive, it's like a huge stack of tiny boxes, you can put inside just one piece of information, if you put something that is bigger than one box then you fill as many boxes as necessary until the thing is completely there, that's how it works.

However if you have a bunch of things that are smaller than the box that contains it you waste a TON of space. That's why it's needed to reorganise the data and that's what they're doing right now. So that's the reason why it'll take so long, but as I said before, this is not a crash, just housekeeping, your data is fine.

If I have more updates I'll keep you informed.

Aaaand we need another 48 hours.

Sadly that's what happens when so much data is involved. When I learn more I'll tell you about it.

Update: sunday seems to be the day, hopefully.


read the reply where I explain it a bit.

Last upate:

Wednesday seems to be the day!


If everything goes as planned Thursday seems to be the re-opening day!

JonSun: Another 48 h it seems...this will hurt osgrid reputation, even though it's a necessary fix.... 8 months ago
If you need a little bit of R'yleh in your life, a little bit of madness by your side, a little bit of Lovecraft is all you need, a little bit of horror is what you see...

Then this is for you =) a pocket size Cthulhu to remind you the end is near, and it's cute.

Just don't click on it if you appreciate your sanity.

You can find this cosmic horror in the Shop and the mini shop at Wright Plaza.

Happy Sunday!

Thirza Ember: Fhtagn-y 10 months ago
Texture refresh: Arcadia's Chest

Some people reported me that the chest I made 6 months ago lost it textures (they went blank), so I re-uploaded them and re-set the chest.

If you see the chest suddenly blank you can get a fresh copy at the shop or the mini shop at Wright Plaza.

Also the objects contains all the texture in the lid's contents, just edit, click on edit linked and click on the lid of the chest to see the textures.

Happy Wednesday!

RemmyRavenhurst: Great Aaack! Lots of textures have gone missing all over opensim. 10 months ago
New release: Arcadia's Bunny kit.

This one took me a while to make.

For you, bunny girls and bunny boys, I made a kit of ears and tail.

They are animesh, they come in three sizes and five colours (including white, so you can tint them to match your avatar's look perfectly), they animate, when you stand, when you walk and when you run/fly.

You can choose between seven poses, do you want them straight up? One folded? both forward? or you can choose to animate them at random on random intervals (or custom time intervals too!)

It's all controlled by a HUD, and since it's animesh you can re-position the ears and tail.

The tail will randomly wiggle too.


Bibiana: Love it, controlling the poses is awesome! That makes for a happy bunny :) 10 months ago
OSG is back on line!

It's running on a new database, the migration was successful.

It also resumed the ingestion of assets of the old asset server.

P.S.: I modded the image a bit to make it less scary xD
Arcadia Shop presents: The Lazy Stream.

As some of you may know, I've the kind of personality that enjoys social contact but it takes a huge deal of energy to do so, leaving me happy but completely exhausted. In other words I'm an introvert.

Of course, I'm not the only one! There's many of us around and for you, dear introvert I came up with The Lazy Stream.

Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at 5 PM Grid time I'll live mix a style of music.

Ballad Monday: only ballads, slow, romantic songs.
Tuesday: It can be either rock and rock & roll or funky / jazzy + some dance.
Wednesday: I'll mix either slow pop or dance oldies or reggae.
Thursday: dance or EDM or fast oldies.
Saturday: trance caturday.

This program will vary a bit every week and will be played at the hidden disco at my store so you can come to dance...
You can also access the stream directly from your web browser: so you can listen to the music, very away from those pesky social interactions.

You can chair dance, you can be lazy: hence The Lazy Stream.

Some considerations:

I'm mixing live so errors can and will happen.
The Lazy Stream lasts one hour only from 5 PM to 6 PM grid time, I don't want to monopolize people's time.
It always ends with one specific outro song, if you hear that song you'll know the stream is ending.
And finally the link above exists only when I'm streaming, otherwise nothing will come up if you click on it.

I may add a reminder at the events part of the day's style but I won't spam you on the main time line, perhaps once a week I'll present you the weekly program, but that's it, I dislike the permanent event spam, so ... I won't do it myself!

Wish me luck, and I hope that you like the music I'll play.

Oh, today's is Dance Thursday.
Data transfer status.

Do you remember a post I made some time ago, about assets missing due a day transfer?

Let me tell you the full story because I got a post that's a bit too angry and a bit too misinformed for my taste.

Originally OSG was mostly on a datacentre on Texas, at first it was good, but it got progressively more and more inadequate for the grid, do you remember two years ago that we had a weekly outage? Or sudden grid downs that used to last 24 hours?

It was time to move the whole grid to new pastures and they did! The total data was transferred to a better datacetre, the transference was brutal though, we're talking about millions upon millions of tiny files, it took months to transfer all that and they managed to do it with the grid running. Of course there was side effects, slowness to rez, extended times to see the textures appear, etc. A small price to pay compared to the alternative: shut down the grid for a couple of months.

Some days ago I was told the current status of the last server move, the one with oldest assets, most notably 1+ year old textures and notecards.

The good news: the transfer is done, it took about a month.
I was told not once, not twice but several times: No data was lost.

"So where are my textures?"

This is the current situation: While the data is already transferred it's the equivalent of moving, we have all the boxes into the new house, now it's time to unbox and arrange our stuff in the empty space.

That last server had about 168 million assets.

The program that the guys wrote specifically to ingest the data into the new server process about 1.6 million assets per day, plus they're verifying the integrity of each bit (thanks to that they had corrected/recover 4854 assets so far), the whole process assuming 1.3 million assets processed and ingested per day will take between 90 to 120 days from today.

I asked if this will cause lag or poor performance: No, this process happens on a separate server, and it's independent of the rest of the grid, so it won't impact performance.

No data has been lost, but many is still in the box, waiting to be put in the proper place.

Is it a bummer? of course it is, all my profile pictures (all of them are 1+ year old) are gone, white. I won't delete them because they will be back.

Finally this process is progressive, it means that as the data gets processed it becomes available, my pic today is white but tomorrow may be back, as it reaches its's turn in the queue.

So don't despair, we're in the final stretch.

OSG is back on line!

Outage time: ~6 hours.

Bug Fix: Arcadia's Weather System

I did an oopsie. Thanks Ernest for the heads up, I've found an error in the script of the weather system, both master EEP and non EEP versions. While they will work in y-engine they won't at all in x-engine so I fix them, the new version is at the shop and the mini shop of Wright Plaza, I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

New Release: Arcadia's Timer.

I made this based on a suggestion (thanks Ernest!).

It's a simple timer that will do what any kitchen timer does, you setup the time (up to 99 minutes and 59 seconds) and it will count back to zero, when it reaches zero it will sound an alarm and that's it!

The object itself is a single, very light mesh so you can resize it to either put it in a tennis court or your fridge =D

It can be set to Owner only operation, group or everyone.

Of course the textures are inside for your customization needs.

Happy Tuesday!
New Release: Arcadia's Xmas Candles

This is a small decoration for your Xmas table, a nice place with candles, hollow leaves and berries and a festive bow. It's meant to be a simple decoration that cast a nice and warm light when you click on it.

Enjoy my last xmas object of the year and happy Thursday!
As you may know OSG is moving their asset infrastructure to a new and more reliable datacenter. To do so it was necessary to copy a massive amount of data from the old servers to the new ones, this process begun months ago and it's almost done.

We're at the last leg now! Now they're transferring old assets and for a month you will notice (or not) that assets (notably notecards and old textures) won't be available in your inventory.

This is a transient thing, do NOT trash those, just wait for a month, they'll be accessible again.

In other words: old assets in your inventory that you haven't open in years won't be available for a month or so.

This will NOT affect whatever is rezzed on your sims.
New Release (Kinda): Arcadia's Santa's Outfit

Yep, because you need a Santa's outfit and you know it!

This is a complete outfit for your avatar and a new object comes with it: the Santa's Hat. Originally it was a prim hat that wasn't up to today's standards so I made a nicer mesh one, it's a single object attached to the skull so you can resize it to fit your head perfectly, although some hair editing may be necessary to look fantastic.

You can find the hat (and the outfit) at the first floor (you guys in USA will call it second floor) at the shop.

Happy Saturday!
New release: Arcadia's Spitoon.

A spitoon is a vase, normally made of metal used in bars and public places where chewing tobacco was a thing. It was meant for users of the tobacco to spit in the used thing, gross don't even begin to describe it.

My version is a beaten, old copper one you can rez as a joke, click on it to hear a cartoonish sound of a spit pinging the metal vase =D

Nothing says Xmas like a run down copper vase full of spit, yep yep.

Happy Sunday!
New release: Arcadia's French Beret.

This is a mini release, I saw some days ago someone desperate to find french berets without any luck so I made one.

It's a simple, non rigged mesh so you can resize it as you want to fit your avatar properly, it comes in six colours including white so you can tint it to match your outfit.

Also as always the textures are in each beret to improve HG compatibility.

Happy Friday!
New Release: Arcadia's Panda Hoodie.

This took me a while to make, it's a release for girls: a Panda Hoodie.

It comes in two versions: with the hoodie and down.

It comes in three models: Flat chested, regular chest and big breasts.
But it's also fitted mesh so it will vary according to your shape sliders too.

It comes for two kind of avatars: System avatar and Ruth 2 v.4.

While I don't support athena I've seen it wore and it fits too, but I can't guarantee a perfect match.

It includes all the textures for the hoodie and the alpha layer inside each hoodie object.

New release: Arcadia's Xmas Lights.

This is a simple add on for your existing christmas trees, a set of lights you can easily resize to adapt to any cone tree that features several lights mode, just rez, position and click for lightning options.

The script is super light and won't lag your sim at all.

The picture shows Encantada's White Pine Snowy and two sets of my lights on it.
The tree is not included in the box.

Happy Tuesday!
Product Update: Arcadia's Weather System

After some script-fu, careful EEP new presets and particle magic I added a "Snow" function to the beloved weather clouds.

Now you can choose either a rain + thunder or a snow fall.

It comes in EEP and non EEP versions for if you want to rez more than one system in a sim and have just one controlling the parcel's sky.

If you have already a weather system set up, just edit it, set the transparency to zero (even if it says zero), this will force the slave clouds to become visible, then edit linked on , select the old master cloud and unlink it, rez the new master cloud, select the slave clouds and link them to the new master and you're done!

tl;dr: just replace the old master cloud with the new one and you will be ok as the slave clouds didn't change and they're compatible with the new script.

Let it snow let it snow let it snow =D

Happy Saturday!
Product Update: Arcadia's Simulator Statistics Indicator

In my permanent quest for relevant information I've noticed that my Statistics Indicator last line, Time Dilation, didn't really show the relevant number, it was stuck on 1.0 (no time dilation) permanently, so I've changed that last line for something more relevant, the physics engine type (ODE, Bullet, ubODE) and the script engine type (X-Engine or Y-Engine).

The upgraded indicator is at the first floor (or second floor for you in the US) of my main shop.

Happy Monday!
New Release: Arcadia's Disco Lights

I have something for your dancing place today, it's a ring frame with disco lights and lasers.

It features custom animations (the lights/lasers are animesh) for smooth movements, the lasers can emit red, blue and a multicolour spread type of rays, and the whole ring can rotate too, so you can make movement patterns that matches your music.

Please read the manual this object requires your sim to be able to run the function osMessageObject.

Happy Sunday!

Yep, the shop will be annoyingly halloweeny until November the 1st.
If you feel unsafe just read the posters and set the environment to Midday, that usually makes things better...


New Release: Arcadia's Zombie.

Because I -had- to make something for this coming Halloween, I decided to make a zombie.

It comes in three flavours:

1. Avatar: You can wear this one, it includes a moan box to randomly moan and groan and an AO (by lickx) with custom animations: a walk, two stands, a sit and a sit on ground.

2. NPC: The notecard with a moaning zombie, it also includes a basic walker but if you want to make it do advanced stuff, I recommend you to use Satyr's ActiveNPCs NPC Controller (

3. Animesh: Just rez these animated beauties to decorate your sim.

They are all different implementations of my mesh, animations and sounds, I just did the scripting work for you for the different uses. =)

Inside the folder you will find 4 boxes, one for the Avatar, one for the NPC, one for the Animesh and one containing all the textures, animations and sounds for your customization purposes.

Happy Wednesday!

IRC Channel changes:

Yeah I know, almost no one uses IRC but for those who uses it:

Arcadia Shop has changed IRC server, you can use IRC to chat with others, ask questions and support.

The new channel is in Libera.Chat (, use with SSL connection) and then /join #ArcadiaShop in your favourite IRC program or a web app like

Happy Friday!
New release: Arcadia's Gramophone

I made a very well preserved gramophone for your house, a great decoration that will dress your living space.

But hey, you know me, I can't do a static object, so I also scripted it so when you click on it it winds up and plays "Volver" (super famous Argentina tango) by Carlos Gardel (the most famous tango singer in Argentina and may be the world), sung circa 1935, so it's very much period correct.

Of course I'm including all the textures inside the object to improve the compatibility with HG.

You can find my gramophone at the main shop or the mini shop at Wright Plaza in OSG.

Happy Monday!
New Release: Arcadia's Tiki gazebo.

This one was a LONG project that started before my hard drive died.

It features a small and cozy gazebo for your beach setup, it seats four in solo poses or couple poses using SFPoser.

It took me a long while as i made all ~50 poses myself, so each one is unique for you.

It also features a small source of light in the form of candles you can turn on and off in the OPTIONS menu.

Please read the manual for more details.

Happy Tuesday!
Did you know?

I ran out of space!

I remember when I decided to use the old triangular building for my shop I thought "How in the world will I fill this monster?" Welp, by making stuff for years! That's how.

So, I decided to move some stuff to the demo rezzers, all my vehicles. That would free some space. I made an hangar for it, big enough to have all the vehicles inside and have some spare room for future ones too!

Then I thought "I would like it to have doors, gigantic gates because all the hangars I've saw so far don't have any doors"; I made a 4 pane sliding doors that took me for ever to script to make it work regardless if you resize or reposition the whole building.

Then I decided to add a small door too, for when you want to enter and not open the whole thing, but also I wanted to have the access restricted if needed: for the owner, the group or just open to everyone, done! it only took the life of the last 3 neurones I had yay!

Add some automatic lightning spent 4 days baking textures and let's go, I have an hangar now.

Finally I thought "Hey, this looks pretty, I need to share it!" , so...

New Release: Arcadia's Hangar.

It has all what I said above so there's no much description I can add here LOL, that's what happens when I write something before my coffee.

Happy Monday!
New release: Arcadia's Moon Lamp

I made these fantasy lamps to replace the prim ones at my shop, originally made of prims they were 14 prim monsters... each!

But that belongs to the past, the new moon lamp is just one prim per unit.

This carefully crafted lamp features a lot of metal work curated in it's normal maps so ALM enabled is recommended to appreciate it better (preferences, tab Graphics, click on Advanced Lighting Model).

It features a reflector in the shape of a moon, convex mirrors to spread a very warm light that will decorate your setup. It comes in two version, a floor one and a ceiling one, both works with a master/slave system, so you need one script to control all the linked lamps, please read the manual to learn how to set them up.

Happy Saturday!