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Unique mesh items for your convenience by Aaack Aardvark, no relation with Arcadia Asylum.
All the content is made from scratch by myself.

Did you know?

I ran out of space!

I remember when I decided to use the old triangular building for my shop I thought "How in the world will I fill this monster?" Welp, by making stuff for years! That's how.

So, I decided to move some stuff to the demo rezzers, all my vehicles. That would free some space. I made an hangar for it, big enough to have all the vehicles inside and have some spare room for future ones too!

Then I thought "I would like it to have doors, gigantic gates because all the hangars I've saw so far don't have any doors"; I made a 4 pane sliding doors that took me for ever to script to make it work regardless if you resize or reposition the whole building.

Then I decided to add a small door too, for when you want to enter and not open the whole thing, but also I wanted to have the access restricted if needed: for the owner, the group or just open to everyone, done! it only took the life of the last 3 neurones I had yay!

Add some automatic lightning spent 4 days baking textures and let's go, I have an hangar now.

Finally I thought "Hey, this looks pretty, I need to share it!" , so...

New Release: Arcadia's Hangar.

It has all what I said above so there's no much description I can add here LOL, that's what happens when I write something before my coffee.

Happy Monday!
New release: Arcadia's Moon Lamp

I made these fantasy lamps to replace the prim ones at my shop, originally made of prims they were 14 prim monsters... each!

But that belongs to the past, the new moon lamp is just one prim per unit.

This carefully crafted lamp features a lot of metal work curated in it's normal maps so ALM enabled is recommended to appreciate it better (preferences, tab Graphics, click on Advanced Lighting Model).

It features a reflector in the shape of a moon, convex mirrors to spread a very warm light that will decorate your setup. It comes in two version, a floor one and a ceiling one, both works with a master/slave system, so you need one script to control all the linked lamps, please read the manual to learn how to set them up.

Happy Saturday!
Product Update: Arcadia's Garden Lamp

Ah yes, a little classic lamp to illuminate paths, garden features and other goodies at night, this is a hallmark of well kept backyards!

This is a complete revamp of my old garden lamp, the new model is a reworked very light mesh, with new textures and a single prim per lamp instead of two.

Also it works with a master/slave system like my other lamps now, so one script will control all the lamps you want.

It comes in two colours, brown and green.

Happy Monday!
New Release: Arcadia's Steampunk Light Post

This time I bring you a street lamp that will look great in your victorian / steampunk sim.

It's an incandescent gas lamp, in fact when it's on you can hear the hissing natural gas running. The flame heats the ceramic net (supported by a tungsten-nickel substrate) making it glow several orders of magnitude brighter than any regular flame, casting a warm light for the streets of your sim.
(Believe it or not, it's based on a very real technology).

It's two prims and one script, the script can control as many lamps as you want so it won't lag you, set it up is really simple but please read the manual!

And of course, all the textures are included in the object.

Happy Thursday!
New release: Arcadia's Office Clock.

Inspired in a 70's clock my aunt had, the thing wasn't a quartz clock but an electric one! Instead of relying on the vibration of a quartz crystal to track the time, this little thing used a tiny electric motor (plugged to the wall, no batteries for you) that spin at the proper speed to (hopefully) move the hands at the proper speed to track time. It wasn't enough to plug the clock, you needed to spin a tiny knob on the back to move the flywheel and jumpstart the clock as the motor didn't have the power to move the cogwheels from zero.

My version starts by itself when rezzed and it doesn't need to be plugged to the wall!

But my version has a twist: You can add a label to it, when you click on it you not only can adjust it's time, you can also add text for if you have several rezzed and need to quickly identify which location the clock is showing.

Of course I'm including all the textures inside the object for enhancing HG compatibility.

Happy Sunday!
New Release: Arcadia's Chest.

I have already a chest in the shop, I never featured here because it was one of the first objects I made for Open Grid and it's primitive, it looks ok but it's cumbersome as it's two separate objects and that's unacceptably uncomfortable.

So I decided to make a new one, more ornate and slightly worn by time. It will match a medieval sim or a house that holds antiques.

You can open and close it and store small objects inside... and avatars!

Yep, this is an implementation of SFPoser, it's all controlled by it, so click and go to Options to open and close the chest but also to RLV capture an avatar and make it stay inside the chest for a while.

It features custom sounds, poses, textures and mesh and as always you can find all the textures stored in the contents tab of the lid.

Happy Tuesday!
New Release: Arcadia's Weather System

It's been a while heh.

Some weather change gives a lot of life to your sim, either a forest, a beach or a city, rain will infuse extra charm to your daily activities.

With that in mind let me present you my weather system, it's a controller of slave clouds that will emit rain particles, rain sounds and thunder sounds. But that's nothing new right?

My version also features up to two automatic rains per day, you set the time of the day and it will rain at those times for one hour. Nice huh?

Oh? Not enough? what if I told you it will also change your sky settings to overcast and cloudy while it's raining? Yep it does, assuming you have permissions to change the EEEP settings of your parcel it will make it overcast while raining and will return to your normal EEEP setting when stops.

Don't want to get cloudy? no problem! I also include a version that won't change your sky hehe.

Also, it features an access list, so either anyone or just a selected few will be able to operate the system.

Finally, please read the manual, I explain everything in detail, including the setup of the system.

Happy Friday! (yay Friday)
All good things...

One day in 2019 I packed my stuff, got my dog, put it all on my bike and went to spend the summer in another country. That was my routine after all. I took my trusty laptop, an old mac that was barely enough to browse internet and may be log in world for a couple of minutes.

I spent a great month and then corona happened.

Long story short: I got stuck in that country, that's ok though, as long as I have internet I don't have to be in a specific physical place so I could cope, in time I just decided to live permanently here.

Then about a month and a half ago my hard disk of my old laptop isekai'd itself, my main rig is still in another country and suddenly I was data-less. Since this disk was meant to just handle light tasks it never stood a chance against real production work.

That set me back immensely, and that's the reason why I haven't been able to produce any new object in two months, so in the meantime I've been showcasing you the stuff I've made until that point in time.

But, I've a finite amount of stuff to show you! Of course I've more in the shop, did you know I have a cook hat, a drunken bat, a full bathroom set; did you know you can drink coffee at the top of the shop or eat cake at the tower?; did you know every night I mix music but I don't tell anyone?

But, I don't think what I have left is interesting enough so my daily articles ends today, but fret not! The reconstruction of my data is nearly complete so from this point on I'll publish an article when I release a new product because... I can make new products again! Yay me.

So cheers and thank you so much all the people who consistently liked my articles and commented on them, thank you for the visiting and for enjoying the toys I make for this adult playground we enjoy every day.

See you on my next release.
Did you know?

After the first mesh hands appeared, I thought they were beautiful but exceedingly heavy (geometry and texture wise), so I challenged myself to make a hand that was as light as possible.

I started with a ruth hand, and added geometry only where I thought it was absolutely necessary. The result was this pair of gloves.

They are 20% more complex than the default ruth hand, they are fitted mesh, not bento and it goes well with formal outfits, it's a nice accessory for your gala suit =)

Happy Thursday!
Did you know?

Years ago, when I discovered Second Life the thing that enchanted me the most was that we could fly! A couple of years later I found a freebie jetpack, made by the Intel people and while I loved it it didn't quite fit my avatar, of course it was no mod.

I made a pair of wings, pure prim at first and afterwards I included sculpts, I made sure they fit my avatar perfectly hehe.

The wings I offer at the shop are the very wings I made in Second Life, more than 14 years ago. They are scripted (script which was updated several times), they deploy when you fly, you have four colour presets, a HUD and some effects like particles and glow.

Oh, and you can resize them too, they won't break =D

Happy Wednesday!
Did you know?

The XVII century bubonic plague that wiped 1/3 of the population of Europe was a horrendous time for doctors, who at the time believed in the miasma theory: They thought that the air contained some substance that carried diseases.

To prevent contagium they used these long beaked masks, it's purpose was to isolate the doctor from the miasma and to help with the odour from the bodies he had to work with, for that reason they used the beak to store aromatic herbs, some sort of Vic vapour rub, nightmare version.

Of course in time the masks lost part of it's dark reputation and today is part of costumes and alternative fashions.

My mask is a single mesh piece, not rigged, so you can resize it to adapt it perfectly to your own avatar. (Top hat not included, that one comes with the Monowheel, so get that if you want to wear the combo in the picture).

Happy Tuesday!
Did you know?

There's a small object that will make the life of the rope bunnies and bondage enthusiasts easier: The Wall Ring.

It's a tiny object that you can rez everywhere to attach the lockguard chains system, the ring itself is unscripted, light and a single piece of mesh so you can resize it at your convenience.

It can be place everywhere and it's a convenient anchor point for leashes, ropes and other particles.

Happy Monday!
Did you know?

One of my first attempts at fitted mesh was a simple top for girls, it does work pretty well adapting itself to different bodies although results varies wildly, it's amazing how difficult can be to make a single piece of clothes that will adapt to every body without crazy deformations.

This top is for standard avatars, it won't work for mesh bodies (but mesh avatars have this kind of top available basically everywhere so you won't miss anything), it comes in five colour and white to tint it to perfectly adapt it to your current outfit too.

It has hand crafted shadows and highlights that I also include in the box, so if you have some experience with photoshop or gimp you can make your own patterns for it, it's all about options =).

Happy Sunday!
Did you know?

Halls are tricky, those little spaces (or big ones) that connects a multitude of living spaces houses, which only function is to redirect transit. Do you fill it with frames and little tables?

Will you -ever- sit on those little armchairs?

Well I'm of the opinion that you can fill those spaces easily... with light! Lightning is paramount and so let me show you my art deco hall light.

It's fully automatic and it comes with two different textures, a brand new looking one, for a pristine presentation and a worn out one for a moody ambient. You rez it and forget, it casts a projector light so the ceiling won't be illuminated and since it's one single mesh object you can resize it at your convenience, it's all about options.

Happy Saturday! (Caturday! (do you remember that?)).
Did you know?

I've a set of grand art deco lamps. Personally I believe that the style dress any house with an elegance that only the empire style can match (google it and fall in love with the empire style hehe).

My set comes in two versions, fully automatic to rez and forget and manual with options of different intensities and colours. It has two models, a wall mounted one inspired in art deco theatres and the ceiling mounted lamp inspired in grand train terminals.

Happy Friday (yay Friday!).
Did you know?

There's certain objects that as inconspicuous as they look they're actually so useful it's almost impossible to not have several copies of it around.

One of those was a fortunate accident, the round table. It was a small table I did out of necessity for a booth in an event, it was meant to be discarded... and turns out to have been one of the most popular objects I've ever made.

This is a single mesh object, so you can resize it at your convenience, it's unscripted (what do you expect a table to do lol), and there's nothing else to say about it and yet it fits most aesthetics and it's super useful to hold other decorations you may want to highlight.

Life gives surprises sometimes =)

Happy Thursday!
Did you know?

Long ago I saw that there was a very healthy selection of beanie hats around but none with ears. Why this injustice?
Have in mind this was almost 10 years ago. So I made a quick one, I didn't think much about it until I realised it was a very popular item, way more popular that I thought it could be initially.

Given the acceptance I made a second box with included hair, so it was easier to wear in a hurry, although now with mesh hair that shouldn't be such an issue.

It's a single piece of mesh, non rigged so you can make it as small or big as you need, it's very low poly and you can't tint it to the colour you need, it also have a band you can tint of another colour for variety.

Happy Wednesday!
Did you know?

There's something fascinating and romantic about old horror movies. The acting is so histrionic and exaggerated, the emotions are raw and hyper expressive, the sets are mysterious and based in sketchy science and the monsters are normally hilarious by today standards, what's not to love?

Inspired in those old movies I made a mad scientist lab coat. It comes in two versions, clean and bloody and it includes a bunch of accessories, including a crazy hair (the only hair I've ever done). It's not meant to be taken seriously, it's a fun costume for halloween parties or pictures that will remain as a fond memory. =)

Happy Tuesday!
Did you know?

One of the toys I've saw in SL years and years ago was a tiny cat with a particle head, because it's a particle it's normal is perpendicular to your camera, regardless it's position or in other word: it looks at you always.

I loved that little thing and it was something I needed to recreate for us in open grid.

Here's my black cat, he looks at you intently.... always =D

But also he meows when you click on it!

Happy Monday!
Did you know?

When I joined OSG, I was utterly fascinated by NPCs, it was such an alien concept for someone fresh from SL.

But of course when I rezzed NPC #30 I realise I needed something to wipe them out easily and I didn't have any utility for that, so I made a quick script.
Later I decided others may want it too so I made a mesh for it... a bomb.

This unassuming object is an NPC remover, you can have it handy somewhere and it'll wipe all the NPCs from a sim with one click. Feeling evil yet?

Happy Sunday!
Did you know?

World War I era pilot outfits were extremely heavy and warm because the cockpits of old airplanes were open, so at high altitudes the cold was a real issue, the jackets were also quite short so the hips of the pilot were un-cumbered to fit in the usually tiny benches.

Some pants were inherited from the cavalry with the characteristic fabric excess on the sides, I think the whole outfit speaks of a romantic and brave era so of course I had to make one pilot uniform to be in character while you fly some old airplane.

My version is rigged mesh, includes the mesh outfit and layer clothes for the gloves, shirt and alphas, it includes the textures so you can use it on bom mesh bodies too.

There's a female version made by White too.

Happy Saturday!
Did you know?

In Spanish the name of these Nautical lights is "turtles" (tortugas), due it's shape and guard, even the cheapest models comes with an O ring that prevent water to get into the actual bulb part, it's the perfect light for outdoors.

The version I offer, made of the finest stainless steel and glass is completely automatic, so you can rez and forget them knowing that it'll illuminate around at night, it's light is warm and omnidirectional making it ideal for outdoor fixtures.

Happy Friday! (yay Friday!)
Did you know?

After doing the rigged heels I realise some people would like to have a non-rigged pair of shoes, in some cases it offers more flexibility (especially for mesh avatars) than a rigged pair.

The Gaga shoes are attached, they also don't have heels, they look fantastic although it hurts even to look at them. They come in several colours, including white for if you want to tint them to fit your current outfit.

The textures are included in the box =)

Happy Thursday!
Did you know?

I don't explore around much as I'm normally too busy making stuff in blender, however being a lover of beaches I searched for a long time for a swimsuit for guys without any luck, regular male avatars receives little love so I've decided to change that.

My Bermudas comes in three different colours, it's fitted mesh so it should adapt to most shapes and may be it fit well also on mesh avies but take that with a grain of salt.

As most of my objects I'm including the textures in the box so you can customize your bermudas to make it unique for you.

Happy Wednesday!
Did you know?

Halloween is not celebrated where I live, you get some spoopy candy from groceries stores lately and that's pretty much it so naturally I'm fascinated by it.

To make your avatar extra spoopy I made a skull you can wear replacing your head, there's a boy version with a moustache and a girl version wearing a bow. It's rigged mesh and I'm including the proper alpha to hide your avatar head.

This should work for meshies too, but I never tried, if you do let me know how it works!

Happy Tuesday!
Did you know?

There's a Chinese tradition to craft paper lanterns for their new year with the animal of that year. They are very decorative and dress up any place that's either Chinese inspired or beginning of the XX century inspired where the far east was in all the rage.

My Chinese Lantern is from 2019, the year of the pig (I'll soon make a 2021 one), it's completely automatic turning on by itself when the sun goes down. Also to save scripts it works with a master-slave configuration where you rez one single master that contains the script and then link all the slaves you want to be controlled by the master.

Happy Monday!
Did you know?

Fitted mesh was a middle step between the classic mesh were you had to choose your clothes between several sizes and bento mesh that has a great deal of flexibility.

Fitted mesh adapts pretty well to most regular avatars but it's never perfect as you need to add an alpha layer to prevent parts of the avatar to poke through the clothes.

This minidress was one of my first attempts to make a fitted mesh for girls, it comes in several colours and I included all the textures in the box, so you can customize it to your taste perfectly.

Happy Sunday!
Did you know?

For some reason I've the compulsion to script most of my objects. There's very very few items without a script because I want them to do something on click.

Well, behold the exception of the rule! A simple, script-less snowman.

It's just... pretty, it's useful as decoration for winter and christmas, very low poly and it's a single mesh object so it's easy to resize. As with most of my objects it comes with the textures so you can customize it to fit your needs.

And that's all I have to say about it, see? kinda boring. =)

Happy Saturday!
Did you know?

The egg chairs were a hallmark of American houses of the 70's, it's a legless chair held by either a rope, chain or pole from the ceiling, while they're very pleasant aesthetically they were quite difficult to reposition and install.

Luckily none of those caveats matters in virtual worlds!
My chair have several positions for girls and guys, some unisex and it comes in two versions, white and rattan to adapt them to your furniture needs.

Happy Friday! (yay Friday!)
Did you know? (that today I'm posting super late, I know)

The heart collar is one of the most common collars you can find in real life, it's cute enough to be used as fashion accessory but also it sends a clear message to whom observes carefully.

My version comes in several colours in two versions, unscripted and scripted. The scripted version is a fully functional OSCollar with all the RLV features you would expect from it and some surprises too.

The unscripted version is a single mesh object, so it's very easy to resize and make a perfect fit for any type of avatar.

Happy (late) Thursday!
Did you know?

When I made the beach house I realised immediately that I would need a new type of lamp for it, to illuminate it at night and so I made the most unassuming object of my store, the modern wall lamp.

it's a very normal looking fixture that's one single prim per lamp, you need to set it up since i did some trickery to make the light cone to point down and out a bit, but once it's setup and you drop the included script inside you can have a whole house lightning system that will light up beautifully every night without making you concern about mundane things like seeing where you're walking =)

Happy Wednesday!
Did you know?

The kerosene lamp, also known as "Hurricane Lamp", is a clever device that protects the light from any kind of element as rain or gusts of wind that could blow off the flame, the trick is where the holes for ventilation and exhaust are setup, relying on convection to create an air stream to keep the fire alive.

Mine comes in two versions: with the handle down or the handle up (for if you want to hang it on the wall or put it on a table) and it also comes in several colours.

They are completely automatic, so they will turn on by themselves at night. Don't you love virtual worlds? =D

Happy Tuesday!
Did you know?

A good spotlight is always a good idea to highlight (no pun intended) some feature of your sim/shop or to have a focal light over an object at your home.

My spotlight comes in two versions: fully automatic to "rez and forget" and a manual version that allows you to choose the intensity and colour of the light and lets you turn on and off manually (the script has an automated version too).

It's a projector light, so for you advanced lightning system enabled guys you'll see that my spotlight will cast a realistic light. Editing it you can point it to anywhere to have a precise area of illumination.

Can you tell I'm a fan of lightning? =)

Happy Monday!
Did you know?

Security orbs sometimes are needed, either to keep your privacy and protect your place from unwanted visitors or to grant access to a list of people only to certain places on your sim.

Many orbs works with a black list: that means they allow everyone and block whoever is in the list. Mine works with a white list: My orb will only grant access to whoever is in the list and reject everyone else.

It supports HG names and the area it covers is a cube, not a sphere, so it's easier to give a precise cover area for your security needs.

Also, you can resize it without break it =)

Happy Sunday!
Did you know?

I've a set of horns, not rigged that you can wear either pointing forwards or backwards, it's gender agnostic and it can go pretty well with almost any avatar.

At the shop it has a demo, that rezzed the avatar in the picture, so you can inspect the horns in detail, that NPC is the oldest NPC I ever created, pretty much as soon as I discover what was the NPC thing about when I first came to OSG.

Of course you will get also the textures and you can tint them to match your avatar to perfection =)

Happy Saturday!
Did you know?

I offer a small selection of collars at the shop, the one in the picture is the Kitty Collar, it's a fully functional, RLV Open Collar implementation that's works properly in all kind of sims, including the leash, RLV folders, etc.

It comes in four colours including white and in the box I also include unscripted versions for whom wants to use them as fashion accessory.

Also, there's two boxes for the owners HUD and the collar wearer's AO (which is compatible with the collar).

Happy Friday! (yay Friday!).
Did you know?

I've a railing kit available at the shop, it's inspired in aeronautic materials and construction, the holes on the supports are to reduce weight while keeping it structurally sound.

The kit is counter intuitive: the longest axis goes into the air and the handrail is hanging down instead of the usual arrangement. This adds a bit of interest at a visual level but also performs a practic function: It frees the pedestrian space so you can get as close at the handrail as possible without bumping against a piece of metal. The reason of that is my own experience stumbling upon railings in ocean cruisers, it's not fun.

If you want to see this kit deployed just visit my store, the platforms where the buildings are have those railings all around.

Happy Thursday!
Did you know?

The architect lamps are a hallmark of a drawing table, it's double arm system allows them to position the light quickly keeping the shade cone at the same angle regardless the position.

It's also a nice way to have a lamp on your desk that gives the impression of professionalism and efficiency.

My lamp is a single mesh object which makes it resizing easy, also it features a projector light for whom have the advanced lighting model enabled in their viewers. The menu features, different colours and intensities for the lamp and an automatic mode to make it turn on at night, but it also has a manual mode too.

It comes in several colours, including white so you can tint it to match your office perfectly, it's all about options right? =)

Happy Wednesday!
Did you know?

I made the Hooves kit some years ago, to cover the needs of fawns, deers and other demi-human avatars that didn't have a rigged set of digi-grade legs for them.

It's a delicate set of hooves that comes with their original textures so you can tint it to match your avatar or even edit in Gimp or Photoshop to make a more sophisticated pattern on the fur.

The legs are thin enough to support some clothing on them like bermudas or skirts, I used a real set of pictures of a bovine hooves for the foot part to make it as realistic as possible.

Happy Tuesday!
Did you know?

This turtleneck was one of my first experiments with cloth simulation in blender, I wanted to make a simple and customizable shirt for guys, since we have so little love in terms of clothes.

It's white so you can tint it but also I've included the original textures in the box, so you can use Gimp or Photoshop and add your own designs to it.

I've rigged it very carefully, so the texture never stretches too much and it looks realistic (unless you do some strange animation that makes you walk like a crab or something).

Happy Monday!
Did you know?

For some reason neko girls don't get enough love in open grid. To help this horrendous crime against humanity a bit I've made an old school stompers and kitty mittens for our feline friends.

They fit any kind of avatar and I included particle emitters for the paws and boots for when you feel extra-ravy. They come in white, so you can tint it to whatever colour you feel it matches with the rest of your outfit.

I also included a version without belts and strings on the boots, for a minimalist look.

Happy Sunday!

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Jupiter Rowland At last, this place of legend has found its way to OSW. Seriously, go there. This isn't your typical "stuff I found on the Hypergrid" freebie mall. This is all original and very well-modelled, not to mention the wicked scripting in the items. Oh, and if you're a lady with a system body or Ruth2 v4, ...
Frank Hurt Aaack’s creations are all-original, fully-legal, and incredibly detailed. Ranging from avatar accessories and furnishings to a variety of both historical as well as imaginative vehicles, there’s really no one way to define this store’s offerings but to call them “eclectic”. Drive the giant steam-pow...
Froot Loops tastefully crafted region full of unique items, a friendly and exceptionally helpful owner who is a pleasure to meet. I would still return for more even if I had to pay for the items.

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Whippin 3 months ago
I also visited and found unique items. I received a note stating item was given. But was not found in my inventory. Even tried the relog. Maybe just a copy system would work better.
Aaack 3 months ago
Whippin, when you have time contact me in world (Aaack Aardvark) I would like to send you the items you couldn't get, you're the only person ever who reported this problem. Are you sure you clicked on the boxes?
Whippin 3 months ago
Yes i clicked on boxes and received your message saying they would be put in my inventory. sadly when i got home, nothing. I even tried the relog, that someone had suggested. I can try again though. thank you for responding. Love your creations.
Aaack 3 months ago
Please do or just contact me, I'll gladly send you any stubborn object that refuses to go in your inventory. I'm not entirely sure why some grids are having issues but this is the first time my shop straight refuses to give objects to someone. Thanks for letting me know.
Michelle Hartley 4 months ago
Clicked on a few items. Told in chat a folder has been delivered to my inventory. Absolutely nothing on 5 items. But they suddenly appeared after logging out and back in again. Never had this before.
Aaack 4 months ago
It seems an issue with some grids, sadly i can't control that but whatever you click will end in your inventory. Regretfully sometimes it does takes a relog.
Rudi Bakerly 4 months ago
When art meets technology. I´m siting here on the world fair tower , having a cappucino und looking all over this museum of unique, well done vehicles. and items . Aaak realized this technical dream i had, when i was a child. Many thanks for bringing this to OSW.
Aaack 4 months ago
You're very kind, thank you!