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Shirelands Hub
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Shirelands Hub and gateway to Darkport, Lupe's Magic Forest,Shirelands Middle Earth and Racci Mall

Come visit us at Shirelands Hub, and walk with Tolkien through Hobbiton, Rivendell, Bree, Edoras and Mirkwood - but first spend a while in our MALL - one of the best medievil/Gor themed malls in OS - everything from Original clothing, furniture, buildings and much more courtesy of Rarna Hax Grid - and all FREE!
Crave more Hobbiton, more Lord of the Rings? Then pop along and visit the Darkness Papps Hobbiton in OS . Visit a detailed Bag End, drink in the Green Dragon, take the road to Bree and have another pint in the Prancing Pony - then off to see Elrond in the spectacular Rivendell for some of their Levish Brew. Had enought, room for one more bottle og grog at Dol Guldur in Mrkwood - its all here come and visit.

Year 355 FA. Something stirs in Myrkwood, will you venture there and see if the rumours are true?

The Hobbits are busy haymaking in the Shire, but not too far from the Green Dragon - it's thirsty work! Why not come over and give us a hand?

Something stirs again in Dol Guldur, the king is dead and a shadow returns to Mirkwood ... dare you find your way to the midst of the Fortress and see for yourself?

Visit Hobbirton and the iconic Green Dragon - and Willow Gardener, the great grand daughter of Rosie and Samwise Gamgee - its 355 FA, the king is dead, long live the King!

Yellow submarine? Maybe once but now a cosy rusted hulk deep in Lupe's Magic forest - riding, sailing and more. Dj required ... message me here.

Enter the Halls of Thoeden King! Gallop across the plains of Rohan and into the walled City of Meadowseld - from here visit Rivendell, Mirkwood and Dol Guldur, Bree and the classic Hobbiton which includes a room by room recinstruction from Tolkeins floor plan

Lupe's Magic Forest, sea and forest, 8x8 of naturalistic beauty - ideal for those romantic moments, horesriding, sailing ....

Shirelands Hub gives you access to Lords of the Rings sims Hobbiton, Rivendell and more, but also to Lupe's Magic Forest, a romantic naturist* venue I moved from SL - it features secluded beaches and deep forests, plus some nice litt;e equipped hidaways for those special moments! Nudity preferred but not always essential. Good for riding, sailing .... and more

Visit the stunning version of Rivendell by Darkness Papp. Maybe you will encounter Elrond himself!

Visit Darkness Papps imagining of Hobbiton and the amazing Bag End - based Tolkiens own floor plans - then take a pint at the Green Dragon. Shirelands also includes Mirkwood and Dol Guldur, Bree, Rivendell and Edoras!

Darkport, pirate sim - originally on Sl 10 years ago - now here with large areas of sailable seas

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Region Comments

Siren Song 9 days ago
Absolutely Beautiful Place.
Darkness Papp 8 days ago
ty :-)
Tainted Angel 2 months ago
What happened to that region you had with the prancing pony? Is it still there or removed?
Darkness Papp 1 month ago
Yes it is - if you click on Hobbiton at the Shirelands Hub sign posts you can go there
Cayoun Daydreamer 4 months ago
thanks, this works and i can finally visit your world.I am looking forward to fantasty and a world of Wonder :-)
Darkness Papp 4 months ago
Cayoun Daydreamer 4 months ago
I tryed it with my OsGrid Avatar, same result: region not found.
Darkness Papp 4 months ago
ack! very odd, its online conti uously on a Contabo server, try
Cayoun Daydreamer 4 months ago
Region not found????
Darkness Papp 4 months ago
its there, I have some sort of OS bug - the sim is on a commercial se4rver 24/7 with no breaks usually :-(