Barefoot Dreamers Mall


URGENT UPDATE!!! This is a great place. The layout is fabulous and easy for shoppers to find things and get around. The owner is a fantastically friendly and helpful person. Hugabug was so gracious and attentive, responding to my comment almost instantly, and then getting together with me inworld to deal with the technical issues. A resent sim restart may have been the culprit. In any case I just wanted to quickly amend my comments and give her the rating she deserves letting everyone know not only is this a great place to shop, but a very warm and welcoming atmosphere which the owner herself exudes. Thank you Hugabug!! hugs hugs

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Passion Jumanji
I thought I left a review here for this mall! WOWA! . . . So sorry bout that . . .
This mall or shall I say . . . these malls . . . what is it? 4 FANTABULOUS Malls . . . HAVE EVERYTHING in open sim that you EVER wanted to lay your hands on! i'd be surprised if Ya'll shopper hoppers (hehe . . . Just Like ME! ;) did not add this mall as one of your top 5 malls list!
Visiting this mall is a MUST!
Hope you come on down here . . . IT'S AWESOME! ;)
Thank You HugaBug & all involved for giving us the opportunity to be able to shop here & thank you also to your dedication to giving away freebies! ;) HUGGIEZ! ;)

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Gorgeous stuff, great layout, someone has impeccable taste and style. Great job!

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this mall is one of the most complete and organized malls i have ever seen in OS...a must to visit and shop at.

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