Barefoot Dreamers Mall

Barefoot Dreamers Mall
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a 3 Phase Freebie Mall with all your avatar needs, bodies, hair,skins, shoes men & women clothing we have furniture, games misc shop along with many homes to choose from come visit you won't be disappointed leave a review if you enjoyed your time with us!

an ariel shot of our mall that has been added onto & more will be filling up soon come have a picnic, relax by the water take out a boat, fish, read a book ...

OpenSimUser: Very nice, looking forward to shopping there when it is finished. 11 months ago
Shoppers we have a Halloween shop open along with new items PHASE 3 IS NOW OPEN for all to shop we carry all items from avatars to clothing to hair, shoes furniture, garden, did I say HAIR come on over & see what we have to offer @ barefoot-dreamers Mall here's your ride there are 9 regions of shopping
Hey shoppers we have new items upstairs @ Easternflats 4 where we cover all your needs from shoes, hair many avatars & essentials, games furniture, many houses to choose from & more come see what we have to offer see ya soon ...

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Tenderflowers URGENT UPDATE!!! This is a great place. The layout is fabulous and easy for shoppers to find things and get around. The owner is a fantastically friendly and helpful person. Hugabug was so gracious and attentive, responding to my comment almost instantly, and then getting together with me inworld to...
Passion Jumanji I thought I left a review here for this mall! WOWA! . . . So sorry bout that . . . This mall or shall I say . . . these malls . . . what is it? 4 FANTABULOUS Malls . . . HAVE EVERYTHING in open sim that you EVER wanted to lay your hands on! i'd be surprised if Ya'll shopper hoppers (hehe . . . Jus...
MrHopkins Gorgeous stuff, great layout, someone has impeccable taste and style. Great job!

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NOT a freebie mall at all!! Content gathered from all over yet they charge and is no perms.
A clear mall I can only Recommend this mall a very large Selection Thank you!!!!
Thank you Moonrose for the kind words!!! see you next time you visit !
Wow this mall has lots of things I found all my avi items & more a must see sharing is caring & they have it
Well done sim and definitely in keeping with the spirit of sharing is caring.