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Avatars, BoM, skins, shapes, shoes, wears, gowns, wedding, bars, BBQ, bathrooms, showers, living rooms, kitchen, scripted furniture, Clutterfly, decorations, food, smokes, PODEX Office ... more to come
Shopping Mall for all, freebies and others
Join Little Breath grid for a free shop here,
Podex currency now

PARTY & CONTEST now with DJ Cloey !!!

The little hearts romatic jewellery



" Please meet my friend BigNose... yes we do have many strange and fun people in Little Breath grid... but they are all so nice... " Feel free to come and to have a rest with BigNose under one of the tree houses here, I am sure you'll spend a nice time ;-) You can adopt him and bring him home ....

Delphins Show

Avatars Street

Your lover does not like shopping ?
Find something else, find some rides, sail boats, couple bicycles and couple horses, cuddles romantic spots ...
and over 100 shops all free for creators

Use the telepad on the floor at the landing,
select "Stables"
jump on a horse, Mrs Savino, Mrs Jaiden, Mrs Taffy, ... or any other of your choice,
and go up the waterfalls for a beautifull ride on a fantastic fast horse

Find your free wedding gown, veil, gloves, rings... they re all free

When a shopping center offers a part of paradise for nature and horses lovers....
use telepads on the floor, select stables, tp and try those fantastic horses to visit.
You can also just select "paradise" in the telepad menu, try it with your lover, we have set nice cuddles and kiss balls with a great view at the back
If you cant come to our grid,
dont think we closed the door,
just think someone else is trying to cut your beautifull wings of freedom...
All our regions and grids are places of peace and we love visitors, we love to chat, to welcome and to share....
But some grid owners maybe would prefer people to stay on their grid.... Just think of it....
Get a free shop, sell for free, sell for real money, all shops have many prims available and are located in different streets, telepads help to find your destination, a fun bag gives you help to shop, region is big big big and you can fly and sail...
Region connected with Little Breath best spots with a teleporter board that works with grid map... easy and fast to tp from one region to an other.

Western creations shop in Decorations street

tropical outside furniture

free shops available on a 3X3 var region mall, where shopping will become relaxing and fun

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JaidenLeShelle Little Breath is grid agnostic and does not restrict anyone just because from another grid. All are welcome here and that includes Aviworlds.
Sandy there is no grid banned there but maybe some grid owners who dont let people come here some do that you know
Passion Jumanji Little Breath doesn't ban anyone ;) Smiles ;) They are an open sim grid and anyone is welcome to come here ;) If your grid is having issues or you are having issues with your grid, this place here @ Little Breath is always welcoming to everyone. If you need a place to call home, Little Breath Gr...

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