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VIRGON. Asian region in Caprica Hypegrid. Beautiful landmarks, parks, beaches. Several night clubs and openstages for parties. Every week we have some events. In Virgon we have a ridable horses, cars and bikes. Tai-chi animations, freebie shops, art-gallery. Several intimate places for privacy with your partner. Many places where you can take beautiful photos and have a good time with friends. Welcome to Virgon in any time!

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Our variant of a shrine for Yato. 95% prim. I did it in 20 minutes while watching one of the episodes of the series. Made especially for the Picon region for our Princess @Caprica.


Caprica Cylon: I look forward to when I come back and see it in the region. Hugs 15 days ago

Welcome to Caprica Virtual Worlds!

Virgon City. Caprica Hypergrid.

Parks in Virgon

Virgon and Picon regions

Virgon is now part of the Caprica Hypergrid
Thank you very much to the Neverwold administration for the hospitality. We really appreciate it. Those were good times. Links and TP's to your regions will always be in the our regions, as friends. Thanks.

Virgon calling!

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Region Comments

Alfred 18 days ago
finaly somebody that knows how to landscape
SamAdama 15 days ago
Thank you! We tried our best. Don't forget to visit the Virgon Satellite - Picon Region.
Ava Ozerova 9 months ago
Virgon is well build but so long to rezz!
SamAdama 9 months ago
Thank you for the visit. We use caching on our asset servers. On your next visit, the region will be loaded instantly.
TygerTyger 10 months ago
can get in it says I am not allowed
SamAdama 10 months ago
The region was under maintenance that day, we were stress testing the server, so we limited user access. Now all parcels of the region are available for users from other HG. Welcome to Caprica Hypergrid!