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With Eros Resort becoming unrecoverable This is a new build offering free content from all over the HG as well as a few personal mesh created items made by myself to be added in the near future. This is a build in progress so check back often to see what stores have been completed.

The progress continues with additions of my personal Rayvn's Roost Design's shop which is host to both personal creations as well as free mesh uploads from 3D model web sites. In Addition the main clothing store a Barber Shop & Beauty Salon have been added along with 2 Furniture Stores, An Art Gallery and the newest addition Builder's Paradise.

Enjoy seeing visitors so don't hesitate to pop by and say hello. while at times I'm busy and may not answer when you message please know I appreciate all your visits likes and comments.

The Rayvn's Roost you all have come to appreciate is coming to the end of it's prim limit. So with this in mind I have decided to seperate it onto smaller sized regions. This is an on going build in progress and the Rayvn's you visit today will be closing in the next few weeks. When the Rayvn's you are familiar with closes the new build version will be opened so you don't miss out on anything. This new build so far has a lot of additions to the female clothing store now with 2 full floors of content. A total of 7 stores have now been completed and work on the Fantasy Fairy Cave is almost complete, a little place to explore and live your childish years again. The current version of Rayvn's sits on an 8x8 Var and will be downsized to a 2x2 Var. The home and commercial building display will be located on it's own 1x1 and as the building progresses you will be able to visit the Spooktacular Wood, Christmas Island and Dagger's Edge regions when they are added. All of the added 1x1 regions will be connected to the main 2x2 var for easy access. Stores completed and added so far are Hypergrid Travels (everything Athena), The Hair Place(female), The Barber Shop(gents), The Beat Goes On(music related), The Distinguished Gentleman(men's wear) and RR Reality(homes & commercial buildings)& Rayvn's Roost Designs(my own creations and uploads). I want to take this time to also thank all of you who continually visit to see what's new as well as Like and comment. Your input is appreciated as this build is done for you to be able to obtain hopefully a few things to add to your inventory or to your own builds. Yes the Texture Emporium and Builder's Paradise will also be rebuilt and added as well along with the Gallery of Art.
With the 20th Anniversary almost upon us I have constructed a memorial Statue type object available to all grids in opensin. Feel free to drop by and get yours. This project can be obtained both on the main Rayvn's Roost Landing and in the Rayvn's Roost Designs Store located on the region.

3 more sets added today

Sorry for not updating you all sooner but life has a way of getting in the way of our passions. With that said there have been quite a few additions added to Rayvn's Roost. There have been about 15 new mesh uploads added to the Rayvn's Roost Designs Shop and approximately 53 new texture sets added to Builder's Paradise so if you haven't visited recently drop on by and check out all the new goodies. Over the next few weeks I hope to finish adding ladies fashions to large fashion store and I have a number of bedroom suites to add to the other large but mostly empty furniture store so a lot coming to Rayvn's Roost in the near future.

Hope to see you soon.
Well it has again been a busy time for me and Rayvn's Roost I have added some commercial stores to the Homes display area as well as a Reality shop where you can purchase Homes and Commercial buildings not displayed. It's still a work in progress and will take some time to fill. The male clothing store The Distinguished Gentleman is now complete so all you guys can now shop and find something for yourself. Also The Beat Goes On music store has been added and filled with content for club venue's including lighting and instruments DJ stations. Pop on in and have a look around as this 8x8 Var region continues to grow offering you what I hope is a good selection of free content for anyone enjoying Opensim and the Hypergrid.
It has been a busy week at Rayvn's Roost as the recently added screenshots show. New mesh models and mesh creations have been added to the Rayvn's Roost Design's Store. Builder's Paradise has it's first floor builder's Supplies added with over 40 sets of building supplies for builders and on the second floor 81 texture sets have been added with a lot more to come including some clothing textures and clothing creator files. Stop in and say Hi and enjoy your visit to Rayvn's Roost.
The Texture collection grows and now stands at 81 sets of textures I have made over my years of involvement with ED chat clients. More are still to come so visit often to see what new goodies have been added to this large second floor of builder's Paradise.

this is combined collection of what is still offered at Diamond Gallery and what was once offered and no longer accessible from Diamond Sands all offered in one place for builders.

Collectiong construction supplies for builders I have been saving these and with Diamond Sands no longer available and Diamond Gallery having only a fraction of what was available I have gathered them all together in one place so they are not lost to Opensim users. Builder's Paradise is now home to what once was the complete collection to the best of my knowledge.
The newest Addition to Rayvn's Roost is Builder's Paradise

Builder's Paradise has everything you need for a nice build, Wall sets, window sets, door sets, Columns, exterior trims, interior trims and more. This is a large 2 story building. the second floor will be host to textures for use throughout your builds that include 100+ hand made texture sets.

This is a fairly large Salon Prim Build completed today.

The newest addition to Rayvn's Roost is Beauty's Hair Salon. Beauty's should meet most of your style needs with 131 styles from around the HG to choose from.

Enjoy the Newly Built Barber Shop for all your Male Hair needs

This store contains personal Prim build buildings, Personal Mesh Creations & Personal mesh uploads from Free 3D meshes or Purchased Meshes.

Just added at Rayvn's .... Use these meshes and add your own textures to make your room carpets. 10 different meshes to create a wide variety of Carpets/rugs for your region.

All of these meshes were created by Trizaria Hunter owner of Rayvn's Roost and can be shared with your friends.

Still a build in progress more will be added soon.

Visit the Residential Zone and choose your next home.

2 sides with lots of choices for most needs.

Shop for your home, office or entertainment venue

Artwork to decorate for most occasions. For Home or Business. Enjoy!!

Come browse the Art Gallery! ... lots to see

Still more to come

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ThunderGod Very nicely put together, clean, elegant and well organized. Perfect place to get items for a modern day region. :D
Debra Ann Congi Why no access from Osgrid?
thedeeferry Been here a few times. Good for my texture fetishes. lol. Ty!

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