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What mess is that ? the Little Breath owner paid 500 US$ for what if she cant keep nothing .... ? You want to take all back ? too late ! yes what is sold is sold or maybe you only sold people for 500 US$ this is the money she said she gave you for the grid.... but if you sold nothing, then what was it about ? people of your grid ? Did you sell humans ????? oooooooooooooooo you are a shame !

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I didn't buy you an empty grid and the deal was not to remove the rides or hoppodraume region, but stuff from Steelman .
All your shopping center that was showing me owner has been deleted, but the rides region and the hippodraume regions were in the deal..
included in the sale... You should be happy those region are still on for people to have fun...

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really fun

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Cris Tranquility
I see in the picture that there are rides that were originally purchased by me in Tranquility Grid from Kitely. The agreement when the grid was sold to the owner of Little Breath grid was that ALL Kitely products would be removed. As our regions were taken from us before we had the opportunity, I expect those rides to be removed from this region immediately

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