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Horse Riding Park - Park with several horse riding trails on one large island - Campsite social area and free riding horses. Either horse rezzer or free mesh rideable horse.

The Midnight Garden Gate .... see where it takes you

Bring a friend and ride the trails -- Free Mesh Riding Horse with riding ao at the entrance. If you want to race use the Horse rezzer , that horse has gears! LOL

.................. Enter the dream

Secret Garden ...

Once upon a time ....

Bee view ...

Apart from wearing sunscreen ..... DANCE

Saves getting your feet wet ...

Chill - Soon be Spring

Poppy Peak Riding Trail

Great Oak Canyon - Many trails out

Campsite - If you want a copy of the tent shout me up - Park Manager

Fishing Pool - new items to catch each day - Fishing rod at entrance and campsite

Park Entrance - Free Mesh Horse (rideable with ao)

Falls Down Walk

Hill Top Meadow Walk

Horse Riding Park - Horses at Entrance - Park Teleporters

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Ripple Would be a great place for a day hike IRL.. Very detailed and relaxing..
YosiO Good Copy, Thumbs up to the SL builder
Jimmy Olsen Sim is nicely terraformed. Lush environment is amazing. when u go for a visit, change ur sky to sunset and it even looks better

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Region Comments

Ripple 15 days ago
I was denied access.. Private region.. please advise thanks :-)
Brabbits 15 days ago
Sorted now Ripple ..
YosiO 15 days ago
Looks good specially being it came from SL :( No more creators in opensims
Brabbits 15 days ago
Correct its style came from sl ...haha It was my work in there as well for 10 years! I parted company with the Lindens ;)
Kathena Mavendorf 18 days ago
Lovely region to explore. Really enjoyed the nature sounds, it makes you feel really immersed in the environment. Absolutely beautiful forest sim. Definitely worth checking out. I took the horse at the landing and rode it around.
Dabici132 18 days ago
A beautiful riding place. No doubt, the builder is a nature lover and knows how to render it. Very immersive and relaxing place with complexe topography, diverse and well selected trees and plants and nature sound. Kudo !