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Caprica Hypergrid info hub

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LiquidFunk dj-set by Caprica djay
Kick'nDrumMilitia web radio show (Fr)
Listen & free download:

GhettoDub_2 Kick'nDrumMilitia web radio show
Caprica djay Drum & Bass dj-set.
Listen & free download:

Ghetto Dub Kick'nDrum Militia 11.05.2021

Caprica djay Drum & Bass dj-set.

Listen & free download:

Kick'nDrumMilitia 27.04.2021

Caprica djay Liquid Drum & Bass dj-set.

Listen & free download:

When virtue and modesty enlighten her charms, the luster of a beautiful woman is brighter than the stars of heaven, and the influence of her power it is in vain to resist.
- Akhenaten

Caprica Underground Mafia presents:
XXX CG hight quality photos and arts in "Angels & Daemons" Flickr group.
+18 Only. Moderated

Caprica djay @ MilitiaUnderground. june 08, 9pm French time

Tuesday June 08 .... New Kick'N Drum MILITIA radio show ...
7pm to 00am ...💀⚡️⚡️ ( French time )

& is on ⤵️

Caprica HyperGrid maintenance schedule

Extremely stable and fast servers with 2-tier caching, distributed independent replicated database. Distributed storage of assets and caches. CDN. Daily cloud backup of all grid regions. Preventive measures to improve the stability of each region and main server. Servers uptime: 99.273%

We came to "OpenSim" Metaverse forever. As long as OpenSimulator exists, we will exist. We welcome everyone who is interested in developing OpenSimulator, developing virtual reality and improving the workflow of developers, coders, designers, musicians and enthusiastic people. We are glad to everyone who brings new, better and high-quality to virtual reality.
In turn, we will improve our network non-stop daily, monitoring the state of our servers and providing quality access to each of our residents and guests.

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April 12 - Cosmonautics Day in my country
or International Day of Human Space Flight

Capri with Friend

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You can add your beautiful CGI art too!

Guest mix of TDR resident - Caprica djay, played especially for Militia Underground radio (FR).
High quality melodic Drum and Bass and Liquid Funk. Professional DJ-set.

Listen/free download:
MilitiaUnderground web:


TDR GL page:
(A first-class dance radio created specifically for the virtual worlds)

*** TOUCHE DEEJAY - Underground MILITIA web radio show ***


Web radio:
#Housemusic #djset #touchedeejay #militiaunderground

*** Caprica djay LIVE on TDR ***

Caprica daily radio show on TDR.

A real disc jockey with quality dance music in the "Caprica djay show" theme show.

More info about event:

(Times on the calendar are based on the Pacific Time Zone.)
*** Caprica djay dj set ***

ONE LOVE drum and bass & jungle dj-set

Listen/Download (free)


Donate: Send some LOVE to Capri!
*** Caprica's new dj-set! ***


- 3 hours of excellent first-class Liquid funk, Liquid drum & bass, drum & bass by Caprica djay
Incl.: Big Pun, Apollo Brown, Stevie Wonder, Jamiroquai, Outkast, The Roots, Funkware, Kool And The Gang, The Shapeshifters, Pharrell Williams, Aaliyah, Goldie, Mos Def, Michael Jackson, Modjo, Notorious B.I.G., James Brown, Boston, Netsky, 2Pac, Queen Latifah, and more!

Listen/Download (free)


Donate: Send some LOVE to Capri!
*** New release on TDR ***
Tech House session 2021 - 4 by Touche

Virtual TDR office:

TDR is a first-class dance radio created specifically for the virtual worlds.
24/7 only the best dance music: Techno, House, Drum'n'Bass, Jungle, Breakbeat and other styles of dance music. Commercial-free non-stop!
Live sets of DJs, podcasts and performances by musicians.

TDR provides its channels for rent for streaming in Second Life™ and Opensim grids, for DJs, singers and musicians.
(more info about stream rent

You can copy the links of our stream to your region and enjoy excellent dance sets.
Streams for your land

We invite virtual and "RL" DJs to our broadcast.
Another one banger from Capri!
You can only hear this kind of music and this quality dj-set on Caprica.

Capri TDR page
Choose Life. Caprica djay Drum and Bass live set.
Code, Second Life live.
Type: DJ-Set
Release Date: 02/15/2021 2:52 AM

Out now on TDR:
Hearthis page:
(free download & listening)

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