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just for fun, this and that ,some freebies, Easter decoration!

Happy weekend everyone and stay safe! (pic made at sim "Tigerbeach")

(yes i know it is laggy but) still time to grab some cute Easter items, before they go back into my inventory again..

do you still need an easter present? what about..a cute animesh chicken? Very fluffy and realistic:-) 2 versions available.. sitting and standing..both you can find inside the chicken coop

And dont forget..the Easter items are out. Perhaps you find something nice! Happy sunday!!

just a bit playing around

just a little playing around..


I put some spring items out as an add on to the easter items..but I think now it is really enough. Have fun! And as I said , items will stay till easter!

I think thats all I found so far back, have fun ! Easter items will stay till, well what a surprise..till Easter lol

Happy weekend to you all. Schönes Wochenende Euch allen! I pulled out my easter stuff I found so far in my inventory. Have a look, perhaps you find something interesting! Stay safe!!!

little update.. yeah i heard chillis place on the Foundation grid is you can grab the outfits at her place again

I was asked several times where I found the extraordinary high class costumes I outfitted the animated npcs acting in the "Burlesque Club" with . I found them on Chillis place at the Foundation Grid before the big bang. So if someone missed them , I pulled them out of my inventory so that you can grab those outfits..Have fun PS..If someone wants this Arabian outfit, (here the animated NPC is called "Suleika Potiphar,wearing this outfit )it is unboxed. so feel free to ask, i will box it for you!

last pic

with "real" Flamingos :-) lol

Another view to XANADU

Inside the Burlesque Club busy personal

Another pic of this amazing club filled with life,(and love)

THE MELODY SIM I dont know how it ends , I think it will change a lot of time, please dont forget to visit the Burlesque Club, I added some awesome NPCs to this Club and it looks full of live and not so empty like on other places

pics belonging to "XANADU"

pictures belonging to "XANADU"

pics belonging to the XANADU building

pics belonging to the building "Xanadu"

I found at Oni´s and Ambers place two ,for me fantastic buildings . An Arcade building and a Rollerblade skybox. So i decided to combine those two buildings. I added, deleted and modified things . And out came XANADU. Hope you like it a bit, like I do.

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