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AMV Welcome
Alternate Metaverse
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Welcome Area, Lounge & Starting Point for Alternate Metaverse Grid. A warm friendly Adult grid with open waters and Air, Copy your own OAR from website, low cost land packages, Regional God powers, Self restarts from web

Alternate Metaverse Grid- What do YOUR Fantasies look like? All of the above and so much more! Castles, Beaches, Undersea Worlds, Education, Music, Swimming, Surfing, Shopping, Seasonal Builds, Free Malls & Houses, Auto racing, Clubs & Stages, Countless places to explore and meet people! Website Map Us Welcome
Join Alternate Metaverse Grid and become a member of a growing Community. Live in your own Dream Place or Create your own Fantasy Place. Explore and Talk to the world from your fingertips, Volunteer and get involved and make Friends or Help Others. Study, Read and Learn at the AMV Academy (Subjects discussed In-World) Meet other residents, socialize, participate in both individual and group activities, build, create, shop and Explore. Visit for More Details or Check Out the Alternate Metaverse Grid by Hyperjumping to and a Greeter/Mentor will be happy to give you a Tour.
Looking Forward to Seeing you on the Inside

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Suzan Von Otter I had to listen to a lot of talk about scaring away, intimidating third parties who work for the grid owners. Clubs had no chance to continue their club operation there, it was permanently worked against these clubs, sims were shut down "there is a problem with it" so that the events could not take...
RufusHackenbush Since I've been on this grid, I've met the nicest people, and had a wonderful experience. The staff goes above and beyond to helpout new arrivals, and the owners Cataplexia and Clifford are personable, accessable, talented and actually take part in the community. I would recommend AMV to anyone w...
Lilie this is my Home love it and the pp here as well .

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Kavonsiva 20 hours ago
If you build on this grid it most certainly will be stolen even after you leave. They record all conversations on your region and spy on people. If by haven Orb means "witches haven" she is correct there!
OrbEmerald 2 days ago
This Grid is a haven to many who have come from other lands in Opensim and SL. We are a group of happy, friendly people who just love it here. Many of us have regions here and love to build and share our dreams. There are a wide variety of beautiful places to explore.
Keoni Darkstar 24 days ago
Love Love Love AMV i finally found my forever home
Lilie 1 month ago
well I have a place here love it , i do try and stay away from Drama ,its allway better to love each other than being at ends with each other i am just saying have lots of fun here with all my friends amv is the place for me. One of the better ones i have been to and live on.
katrin 1 month ago
AMV is the place to be. I love it here, If you have'nt been here you really need to come see it. the people are nice and very helpful. WooT